Manhattanville Alumnus’ Photo Book Takes Readers on a Tour of Italian Hill Towns


Manhattanville Alumnus’ Photo Book Takes Readers on a Tour of Italian Hill Towns

August 19, 2016 • Anonymous

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After 35 years between his first and second books of photography being published, Manhattanville alumnus Mauro Marinelli ’77 wasted little time in releasing his third, “Under Old Stars: Wanderings in Italian Hill Towns,” due out in November of 2016 just two years after “Burden of Wings.”

Inspired by his uncle’s dreams of his childhood in Italy, Marinelli travelled through the small, hill towns of south-central Italy with writer Rob Lloyd to bring out the essence of these locations, in his black and white photographs and Lloyd’s prose sketches for “Under Old Stars.”

“The words and images reflect and build on each other but neither directly illustrates or captions the other. It is an ambitious project and a unique format for a photo book,” Marinelli said describing “Under Old Stars.”  

Marinelli got his start in photography accidentally while a student at Manhattanville, taking a class in the subject because he thought it wouldn’t be too much work. However his professor, Sean Kernan, opened his eyes to a whole new world.

“He introduced me to the world of photography. Sort of photography with a capital ‘P.’” Marinelli, who earned his B.F.A. in photography and English from the College, said. “In the very first class he introduced me to the work of Eugene Smith and I was startled by the power of black and white photography. It all moved forward from there.”

What’s next for Marinelli? Well, he is already working on a fourth book, “Five Disciplines,” which will feature five groups of 15 photographs each focusing on the different disciplines of photography, portraits, nudes, light, the road out, and nebulae. 

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