Manhattanville Student Excels at First Editorial Internship


Manhattanville Student Excels at First Editorial Internship

Jordan Winch '17 spent a summer editing, fact checking, and writing articles for 914INC Magazine

April 5, 2016 • Anonymous

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Jordan Winch ’17 is a firm believer in the importance of internships. She recently worked at Westchester Magazine’s business publication, 914INC as an editorial intern. Even though the position was not in the field of her future career, she deemed the experience to be not only professionally beneficial but also immensely enjoyable.

A double major in creative writing and business management and a women’s and gender studies minor, Winch’s academic interests have always been vigorous and eclectic. Her dream job is to be a book editor and as a result, quickly went after the editorial internship at 914INC.

“Editorial for a magazine is different from editing a book because it’s journalism, which is a completely different way of writing than I’m familiar with,” Winch shared. “We did edit already existing articles, we fact-checked, and that corresponds to what I want to do. They are two very different fields, but I still found it very helpful.”

Winch first knew about the internship opportunity through Manhattanville’s Center for Career Development, and immediately flagged it as a favorite. Her real engagement, however, came at the College’s annual Job Fair, where she had a chance to meet representatives from Westchester Magazine and picked up an application for the position. After receiving her resume and cover letter, the magazine sent Winch a trial article containing three different blurbs that she needed to fact-check. The article was a copy-editing exercise and whether a candidate can enter into the next round of in-person interviews depended on how well he or she performed on this task.

“It was very nerve-wracking doing it,” Winch commented. “Almost like an exam, but it was also cool to see the progression of the application process.”

Her interview with 914INC was no less memorable. Not only did she talk to her potential supervisor but she also had a chance to be interviewed by the executive editor of the magazine. After hearing back from her employers that she had been accepted for the internship, Winch began the preparation for her first day of work right away.

“At the job fair, Westchester Magazine had samples of their previous issues so I just grabbed some of those, 914INC included, and read up on their content,” Winch said. “Especially because at that time I did not plan to go into a magazine internship at all so I did not really know what it entailed. I had to flip through their various works in order to get to know their journalistic style.”

A typical day at 914INC would start with her supervisor laying out her duties which, besides copy-editing assignments, also included other writing tasks. For example, Winch spent a lot of time writing news blurbs and stories for the magazine’s blog. To see her name, not only online, but also in print was quite exciting. Her article profiling the most powerful businesswomen in Westchester County, for instance, merits more than 200 shares and counting.

“I remember my first published work was just a small blurb which they don’t usually put the author’s name on,” Winch recalled. “But the second one was an actual story. When I looked at my name on there, I freaked out a little bit. It was awesome.”

During her time at 914INC, Winch’s favorite project to work on was an issue on women in business, which aligned well with her women’s and gender studies minor. She was assigned with calling different executive officers.  Sometimes Winch got to talk to the women who were being profiled in the magazine as well which was a meaningful experience for her, despite her nervousness, since this was the first time, she did professional phone calls.

“At one time, probably two weeks after I started, my boss, the executive editor of 914INC, she was like, ‘Yeah I heard you talking on the phone out there and you sound awesome!’,“ Winch shared. The feedback was empowering for her, for the executive editor to notice and encourage a small skill done well was “was such good feedback.”

Besides gaining new skills, Winch also stretched her comfort zone while working for 914INC. Before the internship, she had never done any journalism work and was admittedly intimidated by the fast-paced nature of reporting events and setting up interviews. Nevertheless, writing for 914INC had introduced her to a whole new world of professional possibilities and advises other students to also keep an open mind.

“Like I said, editorial in magazine isn’t what I have in mind. I have a specific mindset on book editorial and publishing but I had to step out of my comfort zone to get into this type of field,” Winch said. “And not everything will directly complement what I will eventually be doing, but a lot of the stuff that I learned will relate to editing in general, such as correlating with different departments to decide on the layout of the magazine or interacting with the media. I’m just really happy that I didn’t turn down this opportunity thinking ‘Oh this isn’t what I’m going to do in life.’ Instead, I went for it.”

Winch’s career plan is to hopefully obtain an internship at a big publisher and subsequently get an editorial job after graduation. Right now, she busies herself with many activities on campus. Winch is the founder and captain of Manhattanville’s Swim Club and also a contributing writer and editor to Graffiti, the College’s literary magazine. Winch’s ambition and dedication to her craft promise that we will soon see her name gracing many literary pages in the future.

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