Manhattanville Student Lands Back-to-Back Communications Internships


Manhattanville Student Lands Back-to-Back Communications Internships

Arianna Kreush '17 Interned with the New York Cosmos, and Nicholas and Lence

November 24, 2015 • Anonymous

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When Arianna Kreush ‘17 first came to Manhattanville she was only sure of her passion for sports, becoming an attacker for the women’s lacrosse team. With that settled, she was left with the dreaded task of choosing a major from a seemingly infinite pool of possibilities. She chose communications on a whim because it seemed the most interesting. Little did she know that a few years later, once she had discovered what the field actually entailed, she’d be speaking about her two internship experiences in communications and media.

Over the summer of 2015, Kreush, who was hoping to combine her love for sports and her newfound interest in media, landed a communications internship with the New York Cosmos soccer team in Long Island, New York.  The job involved assisting the in-house public relations office with day-to-day activities, printing out game notes, going to games to check in with the media, and setting up backdrops for interviews.

While working on one of the Cosmos’ media clippings she discovered the team was a client of Nicholas and Lence, a public relations firm. “I found it through the media clipping, and then I went on their website and looked up who I should contact. I then sent the operations manager an e-mail with my resume and a short cover letter that said that I was working for the Cosmos. So, they then got in contact with my boss and from there they offered me the internship,” she shared. She did go in for an interview, but confesses before stepping foot in the office her fall internship was already a done deal.

Just because Kreush had gained experience at her previous internship doesn’t mean she relaxed when it came to preparing herself for her next job. She said, “I Googled them and their client list and tried to familiarize myself with it so I wouldn’t be in the dark. That actually really helped because one of my responsibilities is to do a paper round-up in the morning where I read all of the newspapers and I go through them to see if any of our clients are mentioned in any stories. Then I have to clip them and send them to the clients. Doing that beforehand really saved me time, and it impressed my boss.”

Nicholas and Lence is a small public relations agency in Manhattan with about 26 clients ranging from the Patina Restaurant Group to the New York Cosmos. The agency consists of fifteen employees, and thus, while Kreush’s supervisor is the operations manager of the office, she has worked directly with the CEO and the president.

When asked to describe her favorite day on the job at Nicholas and Lence she said, “When I was able to go to the press conference with the Cosmos. We went to the Intrepid and they did a mini-practice with marines to honor September 11. I got to escort the players and do the media check-in.” However, she was quick to clarify that she enjoys every aspect of the job, like taking care of the clippings and building media lists.

“I’m taking a public relation’s course with Dara Murray, a communications professor, and it’s very similar to how she describes it in class. It’s a lot of hours and a lot of work for the buildup of one little thing. I’ve learned that you have to follow up with people and follow up on things. You can’t just do it and then leave it. You have to constantly go back and check if it’s actually being done. That’s something I’m really taking away from this experience,” she said when asked if her classes had helped her at her new job.

Reflecting on the application process, Kreush mentioned she felt passionately about how women statistically shy away from applications if they don’t fulfill at least 100 percent of the requirements, while men will still go for it even if they only fulfill 50 to 60 percent, a statistic popularized by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman’s book “The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance—What Women Should Know.” Having this in mind she applied to both of her jobs without fitting the profile perfectly and still managed to secure the positions. “Apply. Apply. Apply. You don’t know what’s going to come from it, even if you meet only 50 or 60 percent of the requirements. Also, make sure you’re there every day and you’re pleasant. There’ll always be a good reference for you,” she advised.

Now a declared communications and media major, Kreush encourages all students to get internship experience before graduating. She credits her experiences with the New York Cosmos, and Nicholas and Lence for helping her narrow down the field she wants to pursue: sports-related public relations. Yet, she does look forward to taking a break from her internships next semester to focus on winning titles with the women’s lacrosse team. Go Valiants!

Gabrielle van Welie ‘16

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