Wings May Be A Burden, but Photography Isn’t: Inside Manhattanville Alumnus Mauro Marinelli’s Journey


Wings May Be A Burden, but Photography Isn’t: Inside Manhattanville Alumnus Mauro Marinelli’s Journey

After Almost 35 Years Alumnus Releases Second Book of Photography

August 18, 2015 • Anonymous

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Mauro Marinelli ’77 is a dream chaser. Marinelli’s photography book, “Old Timers: The Italians,” was released in 1979, nearly 35 years later, he is now enjoying the success of his book, “Burden of Wings.”

After graduating from Manhattanville College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography and English, Marinelli focused his energy on creating “Old Timers: The Italians,” which captures Italian tradition and culture through delicate portraits of elderly Italians who immigrated to the United States. After finishing this project, he contributed photography for corporations like IBM, Pitney Bowes, and Xerox as well as being a freelance journalist for The New York Times, the Guardian and other news outlets. Growing fatigued of the hectic pace of New York City, Marinelli wanted to experience a different pace of life, so he started a new career and a new life in Spencer, New York.

Even while managing his construction company Ciappa & Marinelli Builders in western New York, he never abandoned photography. In 2004, Marinelli began photographing for his second book, “Burden of Wings.” This book displays, “iconic cemetery images captured on Polaroid film [to] juxtapose the inherent contradictions of the immediate moment: instant and everlasting,” says the book’s description on Amazon. Marinelli views cemeteries as “special places for reflection.” He worked on the project on and off for eight years and he spent eight days finishing the project at Steglieno Cemetery in Genoa, Italy “which is often considered the most beautiful cemetery in the world,” he says.
Even though “Burden of Wings” was just released in April 2015, Marinelli is already preparing for the release of his third photography book “Under Old Stars: Journeys to the small town of Italy.” This book is already finished and is set to be released in September of 2016.
For more information on photographer Mauro Marinelli and his work, please visit his website.

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