Manhattanville Alumni Work to Inspire Others


Manhattanville Alumni Work to Inspire Others

Rapper and Entrepreneur Start Organization and Clothesline to Help Others Achieve their Dreams

April 23, 2015 • Anonymous

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Manhattanville alumni, Trevoy Pointer ’12 and Desmond Williams ’12, partnered to co-found Tru Society, an organization to inspire others to chase their dreams.
Pointer’s career has been focused on entrepreneurship and marketing communications while Williams’ in music- he is better known as rapper “Tru Def”. Their professional lives crossed when Pointer became Williams’ manager and they decided to create Tru Society along with its clothing line Aufstand.
“Our organization is purposely designed to inspire others to be open to different cultures, seek happiness, help others and chase their dreams,” states Pointer.
Aside from attending Manhattanville College at the same time, they have known each other for 11 years and .they both currently reside in Dallas. 
 “Tru and I saw a need for inspiration - not the inspiration from the celebrity or the doctor who had already ‘made it’ but a peer inspiration that is tangible,” Pointer said. “When you look at someone you admire in your desired field, it can be difficult to get in contact with them. We both knew we were confident in what we do, so we both took the initiative to be the inspiration/change we wanted to see.”
Pointer was recently featured on Platinum Urban Magazine as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Dallas and Williams was contacted by Pepsi Co to be part of their “#OutOfTheBlueOutOfTheBlue” campaign .
As advice for young aspiring entrepreneurs, Pointer said: “Surround yourself around positive people, intelligent people and selfless people. Positive people will uplift you and keep your thoughts progressive. Intelligent people will constantly challenge you to elevate your thought process and ideas. Selfless people will motivate you to win for the team - when you win for the team, it creates longevity and fulfillment.”
While at Manhattanville College, Pointer was part of the men’s Basketball team. “Being from Dallas, Texas - going to New York for school really altered my entire life and I have to give credit to Coach Scanlon, Coach Mayo, Lamar Glass and the others who made it possible for me to attend Mville. I will never forget my experience. I'd recommend anyone to go,” he states.

This article was written by Valeria Ricciulli Marin '15. 



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