Meet Our International Students

Meet Four International Students Who are Thriving at Manhattanville

Manhattanville's global perspective is enriched by the diversity of cultures on our campus. Students from across the globe come to Manhattanville to get a first-rate liberal arts education within easy reach of New York City. Here, they can expect a welcoming community filled with programs and activities to support the particular needs of international students. 

The Office of International Student Services is always available to students — offering to counsel on immigration matters, helping with the cultural adjustment process, and connecting students with services and activities on campus and throughout the community. "They're always the first port of call when there's a problem, and are the reason this school has a reputation as a great place for international students," says Panashe Fundira.


Melanie Molina Munne from Dominican Republic

Marketing major | Digital Media Production minor

"I've been involved in many activities on campus like the International Bazaar and, I was also part of the Latin Fusion dance team for my first two years."

I've been an Office Assistant for Undergraduate Admissions since my first year at Manhattanville, and I've been working very closely with the Director of International Admissions since then. I am also a Global Ambassador for the Dominican Republic. I chose Manhattanville because I knew that I wanted to be in a small, diverse school where I could get to know my professors and also feel as close to home as possible. The people that I've met at Manhattanville, whether they are faculty, staff, or students, have always made me feel included and welcomed. I am grateful to have met amazing friendly people here and to have widened my horizons with the connections I've made and the experiences I’ve had.

Piero A. Saune from Lima, Peru

Political Science and International Studies majors

“Manhattanville has helped me achieve the goals I have. Through Manhattanville I had the opportunity to shape the future I want. Throughout this journey I was able to meet amazing people from diverse backgrounds with different stories. I am a grateful valiant, and for always will be”

As a senior at Manhattanville, I couldn't be happier with my decision to pursue my studies here. During the past four years, I've learned so much about myself and the career path I want to take. The faculty at Manhattanville has always been supportive of me, helping me with any doubt or question I've had. They always try to challenge students to get their best whilst encouraging them to participate and be active in classes. Moreover, I have the opportunity to be part of the Office of Alumni Relations and participate in events with them. While being part of this office, my sense of community with Manhattanville has grown. I've had the privilege to meet alumni that have succeed in life in different career paths. It really amazes me to see how much impact this institution has had in their lives and will have in mine.

Angus Davis from Australia

Finance major | Economics minor

"Being an international student you instantly become part of a family that has experienced the majority of the challenges you will face."

In 2017, I arrived at Manhattanville with two pairs of clothes and a lot to learn. Lesson one: I should have packed more. Although I was independent of my family for the first time, Manhattanville had an extensive network of professionals and peers that made me feel right at home. You learn for their knowledge and experiences to help you to prosper at Manhattanville. The more you get involved on campus the more friendships you form that will last a lifetime. Getting involved in curricular and non-curricular activities has made my time at Manhattanville fun and enjoyable. If I was to have my time back I would choose to leave Australia for Manhattanville everyday of the week.

Alexandra Russillo Caraman from Italy

Global/International and French Studies majors | Spanish minor

"One of the biggest advantages at Manhattanville is having highly qualified professors who are always there to help you." 

I started college as an International Student at Manhattanville back in 2018 and it has been a great experience so far. Although Manhattanville is a small community, it is also a very diverse one. Throughout my 3 years at Manhattanville, I've met people from all over the place: Spain, Peru, Lebanon, Egypt, France, and many more. Personally, I'm very passionate about foreign languages, different cultures, and traditions and Manhattanville has given me the opportunity to be part of a diverse community in which it is possible to learn a lot about others. The faculty is also very diverse and this gives students a wider perspective on what they learn. Moreover, having a small community promotes closer relationships between students and professors. Personally, I've met professors who have helped me get internships and who are always available to help me. Manhattanville also offers many working opportunities on campus that can help you develop skills and prepare you for the working world after college. I personally have had multiple jobs on campus and I have loved all the different experiences. Right now I'm a tutor for Italian, Spanish and French and the best thing about this is that I can help others while doing what I love which is working with foreign languages. Being an international student is not always easy, but at Manhattanville international students are guided and supported every step of the way. This is one of the reasons I would recommend Manhattanville to any International student out there! I know for sure that studying at Manhattanville has been a good choice for me.

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