Student Health and Counseling

Health Services


Welcome to Student Health and Counseling!

Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) is a safe, confidential place where students can receive comprehensive medical treatment, speak with professional clinicians regarding personal issues in both individual and group sessions and receive nutrition counseling. SHAC is staffed by licensed medical and mental health practitioners and a registered dietitian. We have many resources to help you be successful in College. Please do not hesitate to stop by with any questions or concerns. Your wellness is our priority!


The Health Center is located in Spellman Hall, the first year student building, on the ground floor. The Counseling Center is located in Spellman Hall G-11.


Feel free to give us a call at 914.323.7277


Here is a printable brochure for students and parent that highlight the services provided by the Health Center.

Privacy Policy:

What you discuss with our staff in Student Health and Counseling is confidential. We can share no information with other parties without your prior informed consent. The only exception to this is in situations where your safety — or that of someone else — is at risk. In such situations our first priority must be to ensure student safety.