Leisure Clubs/Organizations

Our Leisure clubs/organizations provide an outlet for social connections through shared hobbies, passions, and beliefs

Active Minds

Active Minds is a non-profit organization that promotes mental health awareness. Manhattanville's chapter of Active Minds aims to educate people on the stigmas surrounding mental health issues. We wish to promote mental health awareness and give the students at Mville an opportunity to help those who are in need!

President: Alyssa Kissel

Advisor: Elana Light

Visit our Meetings: Wednesdays, 3pm Founders Hall Wellness Room



The purpose of Catchall is to create a space where students can express themselves through the art of spoken word poetry. We hope top host various slams and open mics where all students feel safe enough to share their views. 

President: Helena Rampersaud

Advisor: Lori Sonderlind

Visit our Meetings: TBD


Manhattanville Valiant Access Club (MVAC)

The purpose of MVAC is to promote inclusion of people with disabilities on campus and to educate people without disabilities about inclusion.

President: Milica Milic

Advisor: Alyssa Campo-Carman

Visit our Meetings: Wednesdays at 5pm, Center for Student Accomodations


The Manhattanville Art Club

Our purpose is the promotion and encouragement of an general appreciation of art in all it's forms, both on and off campus whether it be through restoration, creation, or just wandering through a museum.

President: Bridget Coulter

Advisor: Dolores Santoliquido

Visit our Meetings: TBD


Veggie Club

The purpose of the club is to educate and support students of Manhattanville in their health, environmental issues, and their own choices of pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan and/or living a cruelty free life.

President: Terissa Simental

Advisor: Elizabeth Cherry

Visit our Meetings: TBD