Cultural Clubs/Organizations

Our Cultural clubs/organizations focus on building awareness and celebration of specific identities

Asian American Student Association
The club aims to enrich the experience of Asian, Asian-American and other students who show interest in Asian affairs at Manhattanville College. It fosters a dialogue through areas such as culture, history, and political awareness to encourage Asian visibility within the Mville community.
President: Jessica Roman
Advisor: Anna Yeung-Cheung
Visit our Meetings: TBD 

Black Student Union (BSU)

To build a bond between students with diverse backgrounds. Creating an open space for communication and camaraderie. For students to have a place where​ they feel welcomed to voice any issues they have on campus.

President: Amina Sabree

Advisor: Javon Joslyn

Visit our Meetings: Wednesdays, 9:30pm, Founders Hall Lounge


Capoeira Club

To promote and teach the learning of Capoeira.

PresidentHarrison Friedlander

AdvisorJorge Cardenas

Visit our Meetings: TBD


Latin American Student Organization (LASO)

Our purpose is to educate students about the Latino community with various events that will be based on awareness of different cultures, food, environment, identity, etc. Our goal is to promote our Hispanic Heritage Month events, some that are in collaboration with Center for Inclusion and others that will be led by outside special guests. 

President: Maricurz Herrera

Advisor: Loren McDermott

Visit our Meetings: TBD



To spread awareness of LGBTQ* topics on campus, and to provide a safe space for students to discuss these issues and feel safe and welcome regardless of identity.

President: Jake Kaczmarek

Advisor: David Lugowski

Visit our Meetings: Mondays, 8:30pm, Dammann Hall Pitt


Students of Caribbean Affiliation (SOCA)

The fundamental goal for Students of Caribbean Affiliation (S.O.C.A.) is to foster cultural awareness around the Caribbean and its affiliate countries (the West Indies) on topical issues with integrity, respect, and honesty in our community (Manhattanville College).

President: Tyler Sinclair

Advisor: Javon Joslyn

Visit our Meetings: TBD