Civic Engagement Clubs/Organizations

Our Civic Engagement clubs/organizations champion active citizenship through collaboration and action with the community

Mville Unicef

The purpose of the Mville UNICEF Club is to fundraise, advocate, and raise awareness on campus to contribute to the “United Nation International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF)’s” goal of saving children’s lives. As a member of the UNICEF USA Campus Initiative, the club should donate the amounts raised in order to contribute in preventing the deaths of children affected by illnesses, natural disasters, and hunger all around the world.

President: Mateo Herron

Advisor: Father Wil Tyrell

Visit our Meetings: Thursdays, 8pm, Founders Hall Lounge

Project Rise

The purpose of this club is not only to raise awareness and fundraise for pediatric cancer but also to empower children battling this illness to RISE up against their obstacles and live the lives they deserve. To do so we will join with the Sunrise Association,which is a nonprofit association that builds camps for kids with cancer and their siblings, on certain projects and volunteer opportunities. The club's president has been working with Sunrise for the last two summers doing amazing work with the children at a local camp in Pearl River. Every child deserves to have a great summer and better yet an even brighter future. Through programs like Sunrise, children battling cancer are really able to feel like normal kids. This project we are trying to build up and bring to Manhattanville will help inspire our students to reach out and volunteer in a way that shows great satisfaction.

President: Gabriella Pereira

Advisor: Craig Donnelly

Visit our Meetings: Tuesdays at 4:30pm, Brownson Hall 106