The Office of Residence Life

Welcome to Residence Life at Mville!

The Office of Residence Life is excited to welcome you to our community. Residence Life at Manhattanville College is an integral part of the educational program and academic support services of the institution. Far more than simply housing and roommate requests - we strive to create a dynamic living environment in which all students are comfortable and able to fully develop as individuals. The Office of Residence Life is located in Founder's Hall G-5 and is where you can find the Associate Dean of Students and Director of Residence Life, Benjamin Grant, and the Assistant Director of Residence Life, Amanda Idienumah. Stop in for a visit if you have any questions or just want to say 'hi' and be sure to check us out on Facebook below!

Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders Program in Spellman Hall is a year-long selective and competitive first-year living and learning community - focusing on leadership development and student engagement. Click the link below to learn more about becoming a leader!

Emerging Leaders Program

The Office of Residence Life sponsors over 70 programs each month within the residence halls and across the Manhattanville College campus. These events are a mixture of social and educational programs and are open to all Mville students. Click the link below to see some of our previous programs.

Program Pics
Social Spaces

Each residence hall offers students spaces to retreat to outside of their rooms. The Office of Residence Life is currently revamping these lounge spaces for students - starting with Tenney Hall which now offers 'Terminal Ten' (an arcade), a study lounge, updated kitchen, movie theater, and our Residence Hall Association office. Click the link below to scroll through some pictures.


Spellman Hall

Spellman Hall is the first-year residence hall at Manhattanville. It offers a great interactive community as well as numerous programs and educational opportunities to its more than 400 residents. Because it is the first-year hall on campus, Spellman is a "dry hall" where no alcohol is permitted. Spellman Hall offers students single, double, triple, and quad style living arrangements. In addition to Resident Director Javon Joslyn's office, Spellman is also where you can find the Student Health Center, Mentor Center, and Campus Safety.

Founder's Hall

Founder's Hall is an upperclassmen building offering over 400 students single, double, triple, and quad style living arrangements that share a bathroom space with the room next door. In addition to Resident Director Timothy Bojanowski's office on the first floor, Founder's Hall is also where a majority of student support offices are located on campus. These office include, but are not limited to, the Office of Residence Life, the Sister Mary T. Clark, RSCJ Center, Student Activities, Academic Advising, and the Center for Career Development.

Dammann And Tenney Halls

Dammann and Tenney Halls are suite style living facilities for upperclassmen. Each building offers 205 students a chance to live with five friends who will share a bathroom and common area - with each suite offering two double and two single rooms. Tenney Hall is Manhattanville College's Wellness Building, offering students a chance to focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle. Our Wellness Model includes 24/6 quiet hours and encourages a substance free living environment. Dammann Hall is a gender inclusive building which allows students to omit gender from the housing selection process. You can find the Resident Director, Tatiana Perez, in the Tenney office located in the Tenney Lobby.

Non-Traditional Housing

Non-Traditional Housing is a unique opportunity for graduate level students to live on the Manhattanville College campus. Our graduate students live within the Sister Mary T. Clark, RSCJ and Marissa A. Pagli House, both two-story structures equipped with two bathrooms, a full kitchen, a laundry room, and parking within steps of the front door. Timothy Bojanowski is the Resident Director for these spaces, and can be found in his office on the first floor in Founder's Hall.