How to Post a Job or Internship

Handshake Recruitment Policies & Procedures

How to Post a Job or Internship

Employers have TWO options to post jobs and internships with the Center for Career Development at Manhattanville College.

Option #1:

Self-Post on our online career platform, Handshake. Employers can self-manage and post their own job and internship/co-op positions at no cost. To post a job, you must first create an account in Handshake. Once you have done so, you will be able to advertise your positions, review resumes at any time, and easily contact applicants directly. There is no cost to employers to access and post jobs on Handshake! Follow these simple instructions:

New to Handshake


1. Click here to create an account:

**Be sure to use your corporate email. We will not approve requests using a Gmail, Hotmail, @me, etc. email domain.

2. Join your existing company on Handshake, or create a new one. You will need to be connected to your company profile on Handshake prior to taking any actions with schools. Your company should pull up based on the domain of your email address, if it is already in Handshake. If it isn't, you should see the option to create a new company profile. You can learn more about the new company creation process here.

3. Request to connect with schools. You must request and receive approval from a school prior to posting jobs there. You can choose schools during your sign-up process, and can always select more at any time afterwards. Check out this article: How to Find and Request Access to a School to learn how to choose additional schools in Handshake after you've gotten set up.

Troubleshooting tips:

  • Only request a select few schools initially. This will allow you to build positive relationships with schools while also growing your Trust Score. You can request additional schools as you become approved at your initial schools. More information can be found in the How Can I Increase My Trust Score?.
  • It can take up to five business days for a school to approve your request. If you do not receive a response within that time frame, contact the Career Services department at the school. You can find the contact information for a school's Career Services by selecting Schools in the left hand menu, and then clicking on the name of the school you wish to reach.


4. Take action! Once you've connected to one or more schools, you will be able to post jobs, request on-campus interview schedules, manage your applicants, and more. Here are some quick links to more detailed articles on these topics:

Already have a Handshake account?

  1. Click here to Log-In to your account:
  2. Connect to Manhattanville (check out this article Check out this article: How to Find and Request Access to a School)

Option #2: 

Email a detailed job description to, which must include:

  • Job Title
  • Job Responsibilities
  • Qualifications Needed
  • Work Schedule/Hours
  • If the positions is an internship: is it Paid or Unpaid
  • Job Location (# Street, City, State & Zip)

If applicable: Online Application Address

We will also need a contact person who should receive resume notifications. Please share this person's contact information, including:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Email
  • Phone Number

Please keep in mind that due to the high volume of positions we receive, it may take up to 3-5 business days for the position to be activated and available to students.

After your job has been reviewed by our staff, a representative will follow up with you if necessary. Please review our recruiting policies.

We appreciate employers who provide experiential educational opportunities for our students. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 914-323-5484 or at