Student Services

At Manhattanville you will find many offices striving to make sure that while you are here you will be safe, healthy, and receive the resources necessary to be successful here.

Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students provides services to support students' personal growth, and serves as an advocate for students. The office deals primarily with non-academic matters.

Student Health and Counseling

Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) offers comprehensive clinical services, medical care, and treatment free of charge to our full-time undergraduate and residential graduate students.

Center for Student Accessibility

The Center for Student Accommodations (CSA) provides direct support services to all students to ensure equal access.

Center for Inclusion


The Center for Inclusion (CFI) facilitates a diverse and inclusive community and seeks to engage students and members of the College community of all backgrounds to ensure personal, academic, and professional growth and success.

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Office of International Students & Study Abroad


The Office of International Students & Study Abroad (OISS) provides assistance in many areas for our international student population. Those areas of help include counseling students on immigration matters, guiding them through the cultural adjustment process, and connecting them to the services and activities available on our campus and in the wider community. They also provide services for students interested in our study abroad programs

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Title IX

Title IX applies to all Manhattanville College students and employees. The College prohibits and does not tolerate sexual harassment, sexual violence, domestic violence, stalking, or dating violence.

Campus Safety and Security

Dedicated to the Safety of our Community

The Department of Campus Safety works to provide peace, safety, and security to all people and facilities on the Manhattanville campus and other College properties. The College’s safety officers are trained in a variety of different areas and procedures for safety and security including emergency response, CPR, first aid, crisis intervention, criminal law, and patrol.

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Center for Career Development


Beginning early on in your first year our Center for Career Development (CCD) will work with you to create a four-year plan to help you find internships that will provide you with the experience you need to find your dream job after graduation.

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