The Sun Is A Mighty Force Against COVID-19

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The Sun Is A Mighty Force Against COVID-19

March 30, 2020
published March 30, 2020

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Manhattanville Biology Prof. Anna Yeung-Cheung has been called upon by various media sources including the New York Post & NPR for her expertise as a virologist & infectious disease expert. Most recently she was featured in a Town Hall article about Coronavirus updates.


“Viruses that cause influenza and the common cold spread more rapidly among humans in winter thanks, in part, to dry air, weaker immune systems and more time spent indoors,” said Anna Yeung-Cheung, a virologist at Manhattanville College. She added that viruses suffer in warmer weather because the immune system receives a boost with increased vitamin D from sunlight.

“In the Southern Hemisphere, which just finished summer, coronavirus has not spread nearly as rapidly as it has in the northern part of the globe,” Yeung-Cheung said.

How much of that is due to weather is not yet known.

“The reason why viral infections go down in spring and summer is that your immunity does a lot better in warmer weather,” Yeung-Cheung said. “People still get sick in warm weather and we’ve seen coronavirus spread in places like Singapore but not nearly as much.”


Read the full article here.



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