Student Employment

Policies for the Federal Work-Study Program are set by the Federal Government and policies for Campus Employment by the College. Students in both programs are paid hourly according to the pay scales of the Student Employment Job Classification System.

Student Payroll is processed by the Payroll office. Please contact them at 914.323.5226 with questions about pay schedules, time sheets and paychecks.

Graduate Students are to be employed through Human Resources.


Getting Started & FAQs
Hiring Procedure - New Hire
Hiring Procedure - Re-Hire
Employment Forms
How to Enter Hours in Self-Service
Student Payroll Schedule


All Student Employment paperwork will be done online via Handshake.

Please read through the Hiring Instructions (above) for more information about the steps you need to take before you can start working on-campus.

REMEMBER: Under NO circumstances are you to begin work without written approval from the Student Employment Coordinator (SEC). Once you complete the necessary Hiring Steps (above), you will receive an email from the SEC indicating you are cleared to begin work.

Questions? Please contact Elana Grayson at