Food Justice Conference 2018

Saturday, Sept 29. 2 PM -10 PM

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The MFA in Creative Writing Program at Manhattanville College presents

Second Annual Food Justice Conference: HUNGER

Saturday, September 29th
2-10 PM
Berman Center

Join us for a day of discussion and storytelling to raise awareness and inspire action about hunger and sustainable food production in our region. Events include panel discussions and a locally sourced dinner followed by open mic storytelling.

Panel discussions and storytelling free and open to the public
Registration required for dinner

Otis Gray


Dinner and a story

Reserve a space for our locally sourced dinner and discussion with Otis Gray, producer of the podcast “Hungry.” The podcast explores what we eat, where it comes from, and the cooks who make it—and tells stories we don’t normally get to hear about feeding our world.

Dinner requires a $25 registration. Reserve HERE.
Dinner will be followed by an open storytelling event at 7 p.m. hosted by We Rise: Storytelling Collective of Bridgeport, CT
Storytelling is free and open to the public

Conference Itinerary

All events at Manhattanville College's Berman Center

2 PM
Panel discussion
Hunger in America: How Do We Feed Ourselves, Our Communities & Our Country?

How can we grow so much food and yet still have so much hunger? Why does our food system not really feed us in truly healthy ways? Representatives from food justice organizations and other stakeholders will discuss new ways to combat food insecurity and related issues.

3 PM
Community Conversation & Networking

4 PM
Panel discussion
Fighting Food Waste in Westchester: Strategies for Home, School, Workplace & Beyond

Food waste is a tragedy in a time when so many people struggle to find enough to eat and excess food in landfills wreaks environmental havoc. County, municipal and community leaders will highlight strategies for getting good food onto tables, not in the trash.

5 PM
Cocktails and informational exhibits from supporting organizations

6 PM

A farm-to-table, locally sourced meal featuring a discussion between Otis Gray, producer of the podcast “Hungry,” and Lori Soderlind, director of the MFA in Creative Writing Program at Manhattanville College.
$25 fee and registration required.

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7 PM
Open Mic led by We Rise: Storytelling Collective of Bridgeport, CT. An evening of sharing stories on the topic:“Hunger.”

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