Steven Willis '15


Steven Willis '15

October 17, 2017 • meghan.casey

Acclaimed poet Steven Willis, obtained his degree in English from Manhattanville College in 2015. He is a two time finalist at the World Poetry Slam, and has performed at the prestigious Louder Than a Bomb Poetry Slam. He has had his pieces published in several literary journals, including Manhattanville's own, Graffiti. Now, Steven is an instructor at Urban Word NYC. He can be found performing spoken word at the Nuyorican and the Bowery Poetry Club. His works can also be found on YouTube.

While at Manhattanville, Steven was a proud McCormack Scholar. This provided him with a full scholarship while also giving him several opportunities to travel. He has been able to go to Africa, build homes in Louisiana, as well as join an acting collation in Vermont. Steven is grateful for this scholarship because it gave him the confidence to follow his dream, without the burden of debt.

After graduation, Willis worked at a pie shop. He soon realized that he did not want to waste any more time in a career that did not involve writing or performing. He finds inspiration in the poets he listens to. He says he judges works by whether or not they motivate him to tell a new story, which they usually do.

Steven's greatest advice to Manhattanville students is, "You won't hit your bulls eye looking at your opponent's target. Let your life happen at your pace and your time, it isn't a race but a marathon."

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