Samantha Biegel


Samantha Biegel

Class of 2018

August 17, 2017 • tracy.guyton
photo of Samantha Biegel

For two years at Manhattanville, Samantha Biegel had a campus job in the Center for Career Development (CCD). At the beginning of this time, she and her supervisor talked about creating peer-to-peer career counseling services based on models used by other colleges’ career offices. Out of those discussions, Samantha created a new internship within the CCD as a Peer Career Advisor (PCA). She offered walk-in hours to review resumes, discuss internships, and prepare students for the annual campus job fair.

Samantha learned techniques to help students create their resumes in standard, professional formats, while keeping their own personality in the document. “Ultimately, they have to write their own resume, but it was nice to see they followed my suggestions,” says Samantha.

Samantha came to Manhattanville College thinking she wanted to be an English major and pursue a career in journalism. Although she enjoyed her English classes, she started to think that she would like to find a field that interested her and at the same time, helped other people. She says her psychology professor Sue Gerrity “helped change my perspective” by having her realize how to be of service to others. And one of the reasons Samantha originally chose Manhattanville was because of the school’s welcoming community.

As she looks forward to her life after graduation, Samantha knows she wants to bring together her education and work experiences. She is still considering her options in career counseling or human resources. But she now knows for sure that she would “best use her natural abilities and talents by working one-on-one with adults in a counseling-related role.”

Samantha is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Communications. Her hometown is Glenelg, Maryland.



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