Nancy Jo Seaton '88


Nancy Jo Seaton '88

“I only have one charity and that’s my alma mater.”

October 18, 2017 • meghan.casey

Nancy Jo Seaton’s passion for food led her to a successful career in the food industry, but she credits her Manhattanville College education for her confidence in taking on challenges and learning new skills. “My education gave me the secret to my success: believing that I can master anything,” says Nancy Jo.

After graduation, Nancy Jo’s career path started with jobs in import/export, operations and sales. Those experiences helped her when she launched her own food consulting company in 2008 with just one employee and grew to 15 people. In 2016, Nancy Jo sold her company to SUBWAY® and continues to direct the business.

As an International Studies major, Nancy Jo received a large scholarship which made it possible for her to attend Manhattanville – her first choice school. She feels strongly about “paying it forward” for other students to benefit from financial aid, so Nancy Jo actively works to inspire others to give through foodie events and alumni networking. She also has advice for current students: “Take advantage of everything offered to you. Classes, clubs, community service, social action. And make sure you take at least one accounting class – you’ll need it!”

Nancy Jo says that the diversity in her education as well as the diversity of the student population both had a significant impact on her life. She remembers feeling part of history when she got on a Manhattanville bus to the United Nations for a protest against apartheid. “I learned that one should be unafraid to show one’s individuality. Manhattanville always fostered the individual and taught us to love and appreciate difference.” Nancy Jo felt that message most strongly on her very first day of school when her professor asked everyone to go around and say their names. Having grown up in Connecticut, it was the first time in her life that she felt comfortable using her full first name, Nancy Jo, instead of shortening it to just Nancy. One day, she hopes to use her full name to leave a legacy and establish a scholarship fund at Manhattanville College.

Nancy Jo's recipe for Roasted Butternut Squash Soup is on YouTube


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