Julia Walsh '67


Julia Walsh '67

2017 Distinguished Alumni Award

November 20, 2017 • meghan.casey

Dr. Walsh is the recipient of the Alumni Association Board of Directors Distinguished 2017 Alumna Award in recognition of her work that has resulted in dramatic and long lasting changes in global health policy. Her pioneering analyses have been adopted by UNICEF, USAID, World Bank, national governments and other international organizations to increase the delivery of low cost but very effective medicines and vaccines that treat or prevent some of the major causes of death in poor countries improving maternal and child health across the globe.

Julia Walsh completed her Manhattanville degree in three years, and went onto New York University for medical school. After completing her residency at University of California, San Francisco, she served on faculty at NYU and Harvard before making her way back to the west coast. Since 1996, she has served as a Professor of International Health and Maternal & Child Health, University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health.

With over nearly four decades as a public health profession, Julia has extensive experience in evaluating cost-effectiveness of technologies and interventions for decreasing neonatal, infant, child and maternal health such as universal health insurance, vaccines, social franchise systems, and mobile phone apps. She has conducted research in more than 20 poor and middle income countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Her research focuses on developing and testing innovative public and private sector solutions to improve health among the poorest population and promoting the widespread market penetration of evidence-based health interventions. She has conducted an analysis of the market feasibility, costs, and cost-effectiveness of the new method of fortification of rice with multivitamins in Columbia and India and a cost effectiveness of improvements in health information systems to enhance information based decision-making in poor countries. Julia also has considerable experience with many international agencies as a consultant or expert advisor. She has spent much of her academic career preparing the next generation of global public health professionals.

In her nomination, it was noted that, “[She] pioneered the analysis of the major causes of death globally and the most feasible, cost-effective medicines to treat and prevent them. In a landmark series of articles, [she] demonstrated that more lives could be saved by investing in delivery of effective, inexpensive medicines and vaccines that prevent the most common causes of death.”

More recently, she has linked the digital world with her efforts in the medical community and is a founder of Emmunify, a non-profit started with the goal to use technology to connect individuals in low income areas who need vaccinations with those who can supply and provide them.

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