Janine Fortunato-Galiotti '06


Janine Fortunato-Galiotti '06

December 11, 2017 • meghan.casey

Janine Fortunato- Galiotti, B.A. ’06, M.S. ‘07 has deep ties to Manhattanville College. She received her undergraduate degree here, played on the softball team, was in the first class of graduates of the Sports Management program, met her husband at the College, and her 3 year-old daughter wears a Manhattanville t-shirt while rooting for the ice hockey team. Now, to give back to her alma mater, Janine often speaks on sports management panels and mentors first-year softball student athletes.

As partnership marketing manager at the United States Tennis Association (USTA), Janine enjoys working on the business side because sports have been so important in her life. She is still close with her teammates from the Manhattaville softball team; they get together regularly and have attended each other’s weddings. Janine says, “I really cherish those connections. Playing a sport together keeps you close.” Janine’s husband Chris played ice hockey at Manhattanville with a number of international students. “My mom used to take in all the ice hockey players for the holidays if they couldn’t travel home,” Janine said. “Teammates are like your family.”

Janine could not imagine not staying connected with Manhattanville, especially the athletics department. “I miss college so much - I wish I could go back!”  For students at Manhattanville, Janine has this advice, “Make the most of your four years and be aggressive about networking. You never know who you’ll meet who can help with your education or your career.”



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