Finance Your Graduate Education at SPS

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Applying to graduate school is an exciting time! You are incentivized that you are going to achieve your educational goals, enhance your refined knowledge, increase your earning potential and improve your existing skill-set, but before any of that can happen, you have to figure out how you are going to pay for your education. Below, the Manhattanville School of Professional Studies has put together a helpful list of the many opportunities available to help you save on your education.

Dual BS/MS Degree Discounts

Any Manhattanville College student who is interested in pursuing a dual BS/MS degree in the 4+1 programs can obtain great savings by earning up to 12 overlapping Master degree credits toward both your Bachelor and Master degrees while still an undergraduate student. Overlapping credits are charged at the undergraduate rate and the remaining graduate credits are discounted at a 20% rate. The time to apply is in your junior year or 80 – 85 credit mark. Please contact your advisor, 914-323-5150 or for more information.

Alumni Discounts

Graduates of Manhattanville College are eligible for tuition discounts with the School of Professional Studies. Any candidate that pursues a matriculated SPS program within one year of receiving their Bachelor’s degree, receives a 20% discount on their tuition. Any Manhattanville alumni who pursues a matriculated SPS program any time after one year of receiving their Bachelor’s degree, receives a 15% discount on their tuition.

Tuition Reimbursement

Many employers offer tuition reimbursement to assist employees who are looking to advance their education, increase industry knowledge or develop advanced skills to help them succeed in their current career track. This benefit is an excellent way to achieve educational goals at the School of Professional Studies. Please check with your Human Resources department for details on your specific plan and any possible tax assurances.

Here at Manhattanville College, we make it easy for you to get started. Simply opt for one of two payment methods each semester. Please note that, you, not your employer, will always be responsible for payment of all bills. Any unpaid bills can result in the inability to register for future classes.

Submit an Employer Tuition Deferment Letter from your employer to the Student Accounts Department that requests that your tuition bill (with or without fees) be paid by your employer at the end of the requested semester. Bills are due once grades are issued.

Requirements for Employer Reimbursement Deferment Letter:

  1. Be on Company Letterhead
  2. Be signed (actual signature) by a supervisor or manager, and indicate the title and contact number of the signer
  3. Be current (no older than 1 month prior to the semester start date)
  4. Indicate any (or all) semesters the company is paying
  5. Indicate that the student is employed by the company
  6. Indicate that the student is eligible for tuition benefits
  7. Indicate that the amount of the benefit (either an actual amount or a percentage amount)
  8. Whether or not fees are included in the benefit

For Sample Employer Reimbursement Deferment Letter Please Click Here

  • Pay your tuition yourself at the start of the semester and seek reimbursement according to your employer’s policy. If paying up front is challenging, the college offers a monthly payment plan. Please see the Payment Plan section below for more information.

Corporate and Educational Relationships

The Manhattanville School of Professional Studies is pleased to offer discounts with the following companies and educational institutions.  Please contact your Human Resources representative for more details.  If your organization is interested in providing a discount for your employees, please contact us at 914.323.1490.

Caremount Medical GroupUSI
College of WestchesterWestchester County Employees
The OsborneWestchester Community College
Sterling National BankWhite Plains Hospital

Financial Aid

The financial aid available to graduate students is in the form of a low interest Stafford loan via the United States government, however you must be a U.S citizen to qualify. The first step is to obtain a FSA ID from ( where you can also complete your FAFSA form for Financial Aid and add Manhattanville College.

The Financial Aid office can work with you once you have a student ID. For all questions about financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid office at (914) 323-5357, or Their offices are located in Reid Castle, 3rd Floor. Please note that financial aid paperwork should be submitted prior to class registration. Click below for forms.

Payment Plan

Manhattanville College has a payment plan available through Touchnet. This allows you to make multiple payments over the semester vs. one. The payment plan is not a loan, so there are no credit checks, low cost ($50 enrollment fee per semester) no approval needed and no interest. PAYMENT PLANS. You can speak to the student accounts department about payment options if you are interested. They can be reached at 914.323.5266 or

Veteran’s Benefits

Manhattanville College is a Yellow Ribbon School and we proudly support the men and women in our Veteran community who wish to make use of their educational benefits. Please contact the Veterans Affairs Office for more details at 914.323.5350 or visit VETERANS AFFAIRS.

Graduate Assistantships

Employment opportunities on-campus are available from time to time via two websites, including graduate assistantships which are posted when they become available. Graduate Assistantships are posted on both the sport page for coaching GA’s and on the main employment page for academic GA’s. Below are the links to follow and keep an eye on for opportunities: