Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging for Students

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging for Students

"Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging for Students" is an interactive online training course designed and distributed by EVERFI. The goal of the training module is to help students develop critical life skills, specific to topics around diversity, equity, and inclusion. The training facilitates an opportunity for students to:

  • Reflect on elements of your own identity, including identity conflicts, managing multiple identities, while also exploring how external factors influence identity, and the negative impact of assumptions and stereotypes.
  • Develop a greater awareness of our biases and how to respond to bias attitudes and behaviors.
  • Explore your role in creating inclusive, respectful communities, and learn about skills including self-care, active listening, and effective allyship.


How do I take the course?

An email will be sent to your Manhattanville email when the course launches. You will use your Manhattanville username and password (this is the same username and password you use to login to your email and ServiceHub).

  • Undergraduate student will be assigned the course on August 9th.
  • Graduate students will be assigned the course on August 23rd

Who needs to take these courses?

All current Manhattanville students (both Undergraduate and Graduate) should complete the "Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging for Students" training course.

How long can I expect the courses to take?

Part 1 of "Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging for Students" will take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete. Part 2 will take approxamitely 15 minutes to complete.

Will my answers be private?

The educational course will include surveys about your understanding of the topics to help personalize your experience and measure students’ attitudes and behaviors. All survey responses are confidential; There is no linkage between the user’s login and the answers they provide within the training course. There will be demographic-specific questions asked during the training course.

What else should I know?

  • The training is available at the start of the Fall semester. At the beginning of the term, you will receive an email informing you of your specific training requirement.

  • You may take the course in multiple sittings, but make sure to click on the “next” button after completing a section before logging out. If you do not progress to the next section first, you will have to repeat the previous section.

  • If you experience technical problems, click the “help” button to access the 24/7 help center from Everfi.

What if I have questions?

Please contact VPStudentAffairs@mville.edu for any questions about requirements or verification.

If you have a technical issue, use the “help” button to contact EverFi directly, 24 hours a day.


Due Dates: Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging  for Students

Undergraduate - Part 1 Begins: August 9, 2021

Undergraduate - Part 1 Due: September 10, 2021

Graduate - Part 1 Begins: August 23, 2021

Graduate - Part 1 Dues: September 24, 2021

**30 Day Wait**

Undergraduate & Graduate - Part 2 Begins

Undergraduate - Part 2 Due: November 1, 2021

Graduate - Part 2 Due: November 19, 2021