This page has been set up to assist any Concordia student who is now faced with the decision as to where they want to continue their education. Although an arrangement is in the works with Iona College to transfer in some programs, the option and choice is always the student’s right and some programs may not be an option at Iona.

As a higher education colleague, it is unfortunate to see another college close and yet we do stand ready to those students who have to look forward and explore options for consideration. In the past we have worked with students from Mount Ida and the College of New Rochelle when they closed and successfully transitioned students and even some faculty and staff to a new home at Manhattanville.

As a result, we are offering the following to Concordia students for Fall 2021 enrollment:

  • We will waive the application Fee for all programs: Use Code: Concordia2021
  • We will provide a transfer credit analysis to show you how many of your courses will count toward your new program at Manhattanville. This is handled by our Director of Health Admissions and Transfers, Ken Scupp. He can be reached at
  • Merit awards are still available for the fall! Concordia Students will be reviewed and awarded by Nursing and Non-Nursing students:
  1. Nursing applicants will be eligible for up to $20,000 in annual merit scholarship aid.
  2. Non-Nursing applicants will be eligible for up $25,000 in annual merit scholarship aid. This is a bonus for Concordia students as they will qualify for higher merit awards than a regular transfer student.
  • CONCORDIA GRADUATE STUDENTS will be eligible for a 25% discount for two years starting this fall (2021) and expiring after the Fall 2022 semester. Graduate student applicants should contact, Trisha Feliciano at


Concordia Transfer applicants should also take note:

  • Housing is available at Manhattanville and singles may be available.
  • Financial aid is still available. Students should log on to and add Manhattanville to their FAFSA. Our Department of Education School code is 002760.
  • Athletes should reach out to the Manhattanville Admissions Athletic Liaison, so that she may connect you with a coach.

How To Apply

Complete a free application here: 

Manhattanville Nursing Transfer Application


Manhattanville General Transfer Application 

Reminder- Be sure to use fee waiver code: Concordia2021

Nursing Concordia Transfers should submit

College Transcript(s) (Required)

High School Transcript (Required)

Letter of Recommendation (Required)

Personal Essay (Required)

TEAS Scores (Optional)


Concordia General Transfers should submit

College Transcript(s) (Required)

High School Transcript (Required)

Letter of Recommendation (Optional)

Personal Essay (Optional)

Test Scores (Optional)

Ken Scupp


To start a conversation, please contact Ken Scupp, Director of Transfer Admissions & Health Science Admissions

If you have any remaining questions regarding your undergraduate application or next steps, you can book a virtual one-on-one appointment with our Director of Health Sciences and Transfer Admissions, Ken Scupp.


Trisha Feliciano


Contact Trish Feliciano, Assistant Director of Transfer & Graduate Arts and Science Admissions