Bias Education Response Team

Manhattanville Bias Education Response Team

The Manhattanville Bias Education Response Team (BERT) helps in promoting a campus climate in which all members thrive personally, professionally, and academically. Team members serve as supportive resources for community members who have reported incidents of bias not addressed by the Manhattanville Student Handbook or the Faculty/Staff Handbook. Team members are trained on issues related to bias response.

The team also serves as a clearinghouse for reported incidents of bias.  Data is collected in aggregate and shared with the community annually.  Where appropriate, the Bias Education Response Team will advise the President on appropriate actions and communication to the community. 

BERT does not have the authority to conduct disciplinary proceedings or impose discipline on students, staff or faculty. The chair shall review all reports and make referrals as appropriate.  Reports involving violations of the Student Handbook, Title IX policies, Faculty or Staff Handbooks will be referred and addressed in accordance with Manhattanville’ s policies as follows:

  • Reports of policy violations related to the Student Handbooks will be directed to the Dean of Students;
  • Reports of policy violations related to the behavior of staff members will be  directed to Human Resources;
  • Reports of policy violations related to the behavior of faculty members will be directed to the Dean of the faculty member’s school;
  • Reports of sexual misconduct or harassment will be directed to the Title IX Coordinator or appropriate deputy coordinator.


Click HERE for a brief presentation about BERT. 

Bias Education Response Team Membership

  • Chair (Dean of Students)
  • Three faculty members selected through established procedures
  • Three members of the professional staff including the Director of the Center of Inclusion

*The team may include other members of the community in its response when appropriate.

BERT Members

Cindy L. Porter

Chair - BERT

Anthony Wilder

BERT Member - CFI Director

Kathy Palmer

BERT Member - Staff

Dr. Dakibu Muley

BERT Member - Faculty

Patricia Stout-Traina

BERT Member - Staff

George Schreer

BERT Member - Faculty

Randy Williams

BERT Member - Faculty

Tracy McCarthy

BERT Member - Faculty

Sharon Callender

BERT Member - Staff