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Manhattanville College has developed a list of faculty experts who can provide expert commentary and analysis on the following news and feature topics. To contact one of the experts please email Heidi Raker, Manhattanville College's public relations team leader, at Heidi@RGNarrative.com or call 201-681-5878.

Animal Rights, Veganism

Elizabeth Cherry
Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

Courses include Introduction to Sociology, Environmental Sociology.

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Aquatic Toxicology, Forensic Ecology, Animal Behavior and Elephant Research

Nancy Todd, Ph.D.
Chairwoman of Environmental Studies Program

Courses include Environmental Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, tracks nesting behavior of endangered sea turtles on island of Barbuda; elephant research and consultant to Smithsonian.

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Art History

Lisa M. Rafanelli, Ph.D.
Art History

Courses include Art History Survey, Decoding DaVinci, Saints and Sinners: the Renaissance Papacy.

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Chemistry, Catalysis, HIV Inhibition

Darlene Gandolfi, Ph.D.
Chemistry Department

Courses include Principles of Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and interest in HIV inhibition.

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Constitutional Law

Matthew Pauley, JD, Ph.D.
Prof. of Political Science & Law

Courses include: Criminal Procedure, Constitutional Law, Common Law, Civil Liberties, Political Thought. Interested in the meaning and importance of the President’s Constitutional Oath.

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Cuban / Latin American Literature and Film, Spanish Theater

Maria Jose Lujan, Ph.D.
Department of World Languages and Literatures – Spanish

Courses include Latin American Novel and Film, Literature and Film in Cuba, Spanish Theater, Spanish Civilization Past and Present.

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Documentary Media, Social Media

Brian Snee, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Chair of Communication and Media

Courses include Communication and Media Theory, Persuasion, Documentary Media; research interest includes social media, digital cultures, mindfulness.

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Shelley Wepner, Ed.D.
Dean and Professor, School of Education

Expert on all topics related to K-12 and University education. 

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Film, Academy Awards, Queer Film

David Lugowski
Professor of English and Film Studies

Courses include History of Cinema, Queer Film and Media, Nordic/Scandinavian Film, Major Film Directors, Film Genres (musical, horror); interest in Academy Awards.

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Gender and Communications, Minorities and the Media, Selfies

Dara Persis Murrray, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Communication and Media

Courses include Gender and Communication, Advertising and American Popular Culture, Minorities and the Media, Public Relations and Culture, Multimedia Communications.

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Global Energy Politics

Christopher Sarver, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Political Science and Legal Studies

Courses include Intro to International Politics, Politics of Middle East.

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Happiness, Romantic Relationships, Pet Ownership

Katherine Bao
Assistant Professor, Psychology

Courses include Psychology of Emotion, Positive Psychology.

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History of Ireland

Professor Irene Whelan, Ph.D.
Director of Irish Studies, History

Courses include Modern Ireland Since 1601, Ireland and Its Diaspora, Modern Europe Since 1648; interested in intersection of religious and political history.

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History of Photography

Gillian Greenhill Hannum, Ph.D.
Art History

Courses include History of Photography.

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History of U.S. and New York City

Professor Colin Morris, Ph.D.
Department of History

Courses include American History: Cities on a Hill, Frontier Nation, Civil War, Reconstruction and New South, Salem Witch Trials, History of New York City, The Mississippi: Site, Scene, Symbol.

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Immigration and Acculturation

Alison Carson, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology

Courses include Psychology and Culture, Psychology of Identity.

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Mathematics, Game Design

Jonathan Munson
Professor of Mathematics and Computer Design

Courses include Game Development Scrum, Data Structures and Algorithms, Database Systems, Computer Programming; interest in synthesis of computation and the liberal arts.

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Microbiology, Virology, Immunology, Infectious Disease, Nutrition

Anna K. Yeung-Cheung, Ph.D.
Chair of Department of Biology

Completed research on a broad range of topics such as: DEET on brown dog ticks, effect of Malathion on household bamboo plants, and the effect of traditional African medicine on the inhibition of bacteria.

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Music Appreciation, Classical Music of 19th and 20th Century, Popular Music

Carmelo Comberiati, Ph.D.
Fulbright Scholar, Department of Music

Courses: Survey of Western Music, Classical Music, Blues, Beatles, Music of India and Africa.

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Music Business, Song Writing, Copyright Law

Harvey Rachlin
Department of Music

Recent courses and books on: Music Business, Recording, Broadcasting and Digital Industries; Music Publishing and Copyright Law; Pop Songs and the Music Business.

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George Schreer, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychology

Courses include: Social Psychology, Social Influence & Persuasion, Stereotyping & Prejudice, Psychological Mythbusting

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Neuroscience, Brain Imaging, Alzheimer’s Disease

Sally Marik, Ph.D.
Department of Biology, adjunct faculty member

Courses include Introduction to Neuroscience; ongoing interest in brain plasticity, brain imaging, Alzheimer’s disease, neurodegeneration, synaptic plasticity, cutting edge techniques in neuroscience (two-photon microscopy, light-sheet microscopy, etc.)

Painting, Lithography, Design and the Computer

Alakanda Mukerji, MFA, Ph.D.
Department of Studio Art

Courses include Lithography, Painting, Watercolor, Art, Design and the Computer, Life Drawing, 2D Design. Interests include documentary film-making.

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Philosophy, Ethics

Paul Kucharski
Philosophy Department

Courses include Law, Rights and Morality; Life as Meaningful; Ethics and Social Responsibility.

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Physics, Cosmology

Austin Purves, Ph.D.
Physics Department

Courses in basic college physics, and has interest in particle physics, theoretical physics and cosmology.

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Race, Racism, Social Inequality

Hephzibah Strmic-Pawl, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology

Courses include Race and Ethnicity, African-American Communities, Social Inequality, History of Social Action.

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Religion in America, The Bible, Sexuality and Religion, Psychology of Mystical Experience

Peter Gardella, Ph.D.
Professor, World Religions

Courses include The Bible, Sexuality and Religion, Pagans, The End of the World, Christianity, Religion in America, The Psychology of Mystical Experience.

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Sport Brain Injuries, Neurobiology of Addiction

Anthony Santucci, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology

Courses include Statistics for the Social Sciences, Biological Basis of Mental Illness, Sport Brain Injuries.

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Studio Art, Business of Art

Dolores R. Santoliquido
Studio Art Department

Courses include Fundamentals of Drawing, Color, 2D design, Illustration, Business of Art.

Terrorism, War, Nationalism, Risk Management, German Culture and History

Michael E. Geisler, Ph.D.
President of Manhattanville College

Taught courses, written books and articles, delivered keynote addresses, and has an ongoing interest in nationalism, risk management (college sites abroad, Title IX), terrorism and war. Dr. Geisler has written a book and many articles on national symbols.

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World Music, Understanding Peoples Through Their Traditional Music, Song, and Dance

Jerry Kerlin, Ph.D.
Music Department

Courses include World Music, Understanding Peoples Through Their Traditional Music, Song, and Dance; Music Curriculum and Pedagogy: Childhood and Adolescence

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World Religions (Including Muslimism/Islam)

James Jones
Associate Professor of World Religions and African Studies and Secretary of the National Board of the Council on American Islamic Relations

Courses include Power, Authority, Leadership and Ethics; Islam, Martin Luther King, Religion Advocacy and Peace: The Middle East Crisis.

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