Fall 2021 Design Challenge Team FEEDBACK LOOPS

HOW MIGHT WE: provide Jane with opportunities to collaborate outside of her department with Faculty, Staff, and Administration so that she can feel less invisible and have a seat at the table in strategizing on the future of the college?  


Alison Carson, Ph.D., Associate Provost for Academic Innovation & Design Thinking

Courtney Kelly, Ph.D., Associate Professor Education

Dominique Mason Special Project Coordinator, Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership, and Office of Associate Provost for Academic Innovation & Design Thinking

Kyoko Mona Associate Professor Economics, Finance & Management

Paula Moskowitz Head Library Instruction and Diverse Populations

"The icing on the cake was having the opportunity to listen and learn from the perspectives and insights of seasoned professionals through a safe and democratic process where no idea was “wrong” but embraced as a necessary part of discovery."  - Dominique Mason

"I felt one step closer to the Design Thinking process.  Mural complements the learning process.  The design thinking session felt like a “safe space” - Professor Kyoko Mona


UNPACK THE TOPIC: Where do we want to focus?

EMPATHIZE: What do we want to understand about our community members?

Interview/survey. Discover the emotions that drive user behavior. Uncover user needs (which they may or may not be aware of). Identify the right users to design for. Use your insights to design innovative solutions

DEFINE: Who's experiences are we trying to address?