Faculty - Design Thinking in Practice



Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

Dr. Munson is taking the importance of real-world experiences for his students seriously!

Dr. Munson is working with the Center for Design Thinking to identify external clients for his Data Science students.


Carleigh Brower, Director, Andrew Bodenrader Center for Academic Writing and Composition

Traditionally, First-Year students explore the college's history and what their place is within the college, and its mission.  Carleigh's class take the question a step further by asking, "How might we make students feel included at Manhattanville."

Justin Capalbo, Assistant Professor of Communication and Media, and Director of the FAB LAB

At the FAB LAB Professor Capalbo uses project-based learning to foster a community of makers and develop the technical skills to bring students' ideas to fruition. Students use design thinking to uncover and solve problems with the help of 3D printers, laser cutters, and traditional fabrication methods. In his Introduction to Making course, students explore 3D modeling, design, and aesthetics through simulated clients and real-world problem-solving.

Inger Stapleton, Adjunct Professor of Business Management

A writer, teacher, and entrepreneur, Professor Stapleton teaches her students how to develop businesses with their customers in mind.  

Geoff Kidde, Professor of Music

Prof. Geoffrey Kidde, a composer, has written award-winning music for diverse musical forces. He tapped the Center for Design Thinking Fab Lab and the Center for Student Accommodations to develop wooden tactile objects which assist his blind students to understand waveforms.

Prof. Saleeby-Mulligan, Assistant Professor, Art History

Using a project-based learning approach, her Art History Capstone course has identified the lack of inclusion and equity in the artwork displayed in Reid Castle as a problem to be tackled.  

Professor Steffi Shook, Assistant Professor, Communication and Media

Design Thinking Through the Senior Capstone Final Project.

Clista Towne, Visiting Assistant Professor, Dance and Theatre

Following her participation in a Design Thinking workshop led by an IDEO team, she co-taught Designing for Change and has incorporated DT in teaching Directing and in working with her design teams on theater productions.

Beth Burrier, Visiting Associate Professor, Musical Theatre

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS - Design Thinking for Musical Theatre Production.  Thinkers, movers, and shakers from all majors wanted. Creatives, business minds, communications alike!

Professor Alison Carson

Associate Provost for Academic Innovation and Design Thinking

What is Design Thinking?

Presented by Professor Alison Carson at Lightning Talks with Faculty