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Do I need to check-in every week? 

We ask that commuters check in during the first week of each semester

outside the commuter lounge by showing their MVille ID. Check-in helps us to know you are returning each semester and to make sure that you have your Mville ID which is needed to print items, access different locations, and holds your Pub Cash which can help you save money on campus. 

Do I need to have a parking permit?

All students (commuter and residential) that will have a car on campus need to have a parking permit. The permit will cost $50 for commuter students. You can find out more information about parking on campus and apply for the permit here: Parking Stickers.

Where can I spend time on campus when not in class?

The Commuter Lounge is located on the first floor of Brownson Hall next to the Brownson Café. This room has couches, a tv, vending machines, a microwave, and study cubicles.

The Game Zone is located on the ground floor of Benzinger Hall and is open Monday – Friday, noon – midnight, and Saturday – Sunday, 3pm – midnight. This room has a ping pong table, billards table, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wiis, and other video games along with couches for you to socialize or relax. The games are all free of charge to use.

The Library has a café and several study spaces for use and also has computers and printers to work on class projects. Library hours vary.

I would like to eat in the Cafeteria but do not have a meal plan. What are my options?

Commuters are able to buy either a meal plan or a put Cafe Cash on their cards. Cafe Cash is accepted at the Brownson and Library cafes, the Pub, and at the dining hall. You must deposit at least $20 at a time but if you deposit $200 or more on your card at once, you will earn an additional 20% bonus cash for free. Cafe Cash rolls over from Fall to Spring semester but not from the spring into a new academic year. For more information about eating on campus, visit or call (914) 323 5395.

Are there lockers available to store my books?

Lockers are available in Brownson Hall for you to store items for the academic year. All you need to do is pick one out and come to the Office of Student Activites with the locker number and fill out a form. You can keep your locker all school year but we ask you remove your items at the end of the academic year.

Where can I find out if the College is closed for weather or my class is cancelled?

You will receive a Rave alert if weather causes the college to close. If you have not already set up your Rave account, please sign up here.

If a faculty member cancels class, a notice will be posted on the Class Cancellations page found here.

Commuter students should consider their own safety when travel conditions may be hazardous. If you are going to miss class due to the weather, alert your instructor as soon as possible BEFORE the class.

Can I stay overnight on campus?

Commuter students are welcome to stay on campus with a residential student. We encourage all commuter students to make friends with residential students. You never know when you’ll want to stay over after a late-night program.

How can I get involved on campus?

The Office of Student Activities is located in Founders Hall G-33 and has information about all the different clubs that exist on campus. Student Activities also plans events throughout the year including some off-campus trips. We encourage you to get involved to meet other students and be a resource to students who may not be from the area.

Is there a faculty or staff person I can go to with questions or concerns?

The Associate Director of Student Activities is located in Founders G-33 and oversees commuter affairs. Stop by the office, email or call the office at 914-323-5154 with any questions, concerns, or program ideas you have.