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Office of Student Activities

The mission of the Office of Student Activities (OSA) is to empower, engage and educate students and to support the mission of the College. OSA collaborates with Student Affairs and Academic Affairs across campus to develop social and educational programs and traditions which support the college mission, foster student development, and build institutional spirit. OSA contributes to the creation of a vibrant campus life and student personal growth through participation in student clubs/organizations, Student Government Association, traditions, and events occurring both on and off campus.

Manhattanville College Office of Student Activities strives to help create empowered students through the use of student development training and hands on experience which helps to create future leaders for tomorrow. Under the leadership and supervision of professional staff and advisors, students are transforming and taking the initiative to do things on their own.

Manhattanville College has over 40 active student clubs and organizations, which help build and enrich campus life. Students have the opportunity to participate in clubs and organizations and start a new club or organization. There are many benefits to joining or starting a club or organization including making new friends, developing leadership skills and abilities, working as part of a team, learning to set and achieve goals, as well as having fun!

Manhattanville College Office of Student Activities strives to educate all students by providing them with opportunities to grow, develop and foster creativity outside of the classroom. Studies have shown that students learn more from implementing what they learn inside the classroom. Manhattanville College students are educated continuously by attending conferences and trainings which help give the students the chance to network and meet other likeminded individuals.


  1. Create and provide programs and activities for students that help develop and encourage social interactions
  2. Provide opportunities for students to explore and experience programs and events within the Manhattanville community and in the regional area.
  3. Develop student leaders who enhance their skills and abilities for personal growth.

For further information, please contact us at 914-323-5154 or