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How to Report a Sexual Assault

The Dean of Residence Life, Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Affairs are designated as the official confidential officers to whom anyone can report. Any student should feel free to discuss his or her situation with those administrators. All communication will be kept in confidence unless permission is granted to pursue the matter and/or insofar as it does not interfere with the College’s obligation to investigate allegations and take corrective action, and wherein other members of the community could examine the case. Students should also feel free to seek the advice of the Dean of Students if any member of the College community including other students, faculty or administrators is harassing them. Students are free to communicate complaints to any senior administrator, but they should be aware of this designation in particular. Grievances or complaints regarding sexual harassment by another student may be filed with the Dean of Students. Grievances or complaints regarding sexual harassment by a faculty, staff or administrator may be filed with the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Students may report an incident to the following offices. Students are reminded that there is no order in which they need to follow, they can report to the person/office they most feel comfortable with. Students also have the option of reporting directly to the local police department.

Campus Safety                                   914-323-5244

Dean of Students                               914-323-3134

VP of Student Affairs                        914-323-5135

Residence Life                                    914-323-5217

Founder’s Hall Staff                          914-323-5164

Spellman Hall Staff                           914-323-5163

Dammann Hall Staff                         914-323-5166

Tenney Hall Staff                               914-323-7243

Counseling Center                             914-323-5155

Health Center                                     914-323-5245

Harrison Police                                 914-967-5111

Please contact any staff member below to report harassment, sexual assault, or sexual misconduct.

Monica F. Rascoe, JD
Vice President of Student Affairs
Title IX Coordinator
Reid Castle - Room  227

Sharlise Smith-Rodriguez
Dean of Students
Title IX Deputy Coordinator
Berman Students' Center - Main Floor

Julene Fisher
Assistant Director of Athletics
Title IX Deputy Coordinator
Kennedy Gym - Main Floor

Stephanie Carcano
Human Resources, Generalist/Benefits
Title IX Deputy Coordinator
Chapel Corridor - Room 206


Students who wish to report an incident but would like to remain anonymous may do so by filling out an online report.