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Cleary Crime Statistics

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What is the Cleary Act?

The “Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act” (formerly the Campus Security Act) is a federal law that requires institutions of higher education in the United States to disclose campus security information including crime statistics for the campus and surrounding areas.


What is required by the Cleary Act?

nPublish and distribute an annual Campus Security report by October 1st of each year.

nInform prospective students and employees about the Campus Security Report.

nNotify the campus in a timely way of crimes that threaten safety.

nSupport and keep an up-to-date daily log of all reported crimes.


What crimes are recorded?

The Clery Act Specifies eight crime categories that are required to be reported:

nCriminal Homicide

nSex Offenses (Forcible and Nonforcible)


nAggravated Assault


nMotor Vehicle Theft


nHate Crimes


Where can the College’s Crime Statistics be found?

Crime statistics can be viewedhere.