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Sexual Assault Task Force

The Sexual Assault Task Force aims to reduce incidents of sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual misconduct at Manhattanville College. More broadly we aim to educate the campus community in an effort to increase understanding of the reality of sexual assault. Ultimately we feel that ending sexual assault and rape on campus requires addressing sexism and gender inequality by building a safe environment that fosters empowerment and respect for all members of the community.


To do this, the Sexual Assault Task Force will concentrate on the following actions items:

  • Assess campus policies and procedures. For example, reviewing the campus safety protocols; ensuring their is always a woman staff member present to handle all cases of sexual assault; ensuring adequate training for RAs; bringing in outside organizations to conduct sexual assault prevention trainings, etc. Other steps could include: creating/revamping an emergency response team; increasing the number of female campus safety members; promoting the Counseling Center’s ‘Helpline;’ ensuring the response mechanisms are clearly stated on the website and promoting outside resources on campus.
  • Provide training for students and staff and implement/sponsor educational programming, with the goal of creating a campus culture free from sexual harassment, assault, and misconduct. Through various avenues the task force will create programmatic time lines to guide regular, quality programming addressing these issues. Events will be diverse in terms of sponsoring groups, type, targeted audience etc. This will be in addition to programming already happening in these departments.

The task force members will represent various departments on campus with staff, faculty and student representation.