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Will my parents be notified?
  • Parents may be notified depending upon the situation.
Can a student refer a fellow student to at risk?
  • Students are encouraged to share concerns with a member of the MARC directly, with on-campus departmental resources such as campus safety, residence life, Dean of Students and Counseling and Health Centers.
Can an anonymous report be filed?
  • We make every effort to safeguard the privacy of the individuals involved however, we cannot guarantee the anonymity of the referral source. The TIP line is available at (914) 323-3200.

What are some of the available departmental resources on campus?

  • Sharlise Smith-Rodriguez – Dean of Students (914)323-3134
  • Glenn Pollack, Psy.D. – Director of Counseling (914) 323-5158
  • Benjamin Grant – Director of Residence Life (914) 323-5217
  • Anthony Herrmann – Director of Campus Safety (914) 323-5406
  • Shirley Baker – Director of Academic Advising (914) 323-5353
  • John Balog – Vice President of Student Life (914) 323-5235