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Manhattanville At Risk Committee


The mission of Manhattanville At Risk Committee is to support the health, well-being and safety of the Manhattanville College campus community, by coordinating information and developing support plans for people of concern.


The purpose of the Manhattanville At Risk Committee is to coordinate existing campus resources, which are focused upon the prevention and early intervention in the Manhattanville community involving members experiencing distress or engaging in harmful or disruptive behaviors. The Manhattanville At Risk Committee will develop intervention and support strategies and offer case coordination. Committee members will regularly review and assess these situations and recommend actions in accord with existing college policies.

At Risk Committee Members

  • Sharlise Smith Rodriguez – Interim Dean of Students (914)323-3134
  • Pamela P. Duncan, Ph.D. – Executive Director of Counseling & Health
    Chair (914) 323-5245
  • Benjamin Grant – Director of Residence Life (914) 323-5217
  • Anthony Herrmann – Director of Campus Safety (914) 323-5406
  • Loren McDermott – Interim Director Centers for Academic Success (914) 323-5476
  • Jennifer Talbot – Dean of Studies (914) 323-5353
  • Monica Rascoe – Interim Vice President of Student Life (914) 323-5235

How To Refer to the Manhattanville At Risk Committee?

  • Contact the Chair of At Risk Committee Pamela Duncan at  or any member of At Risk Committee directly
  • Referral to At Risk Committee via Starfish Login