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Qualify for your I-20

Steps to take

The Certificate of Eligibility is also known as an I-20.  It is the document that allows you to get your student visa. Being accepted into an academic or English language program is the first step in the process; finances and intent are the second steps.  Being accepted into a program does not guarantee an I-20 or a student visa. 

The U.S. government requires that we be absolutely sure, to the best of our ability, that you demonstrate enough financial (cash) support to cover the costs of your program for one academic year (scholarships included) and to provide a plan for how you can afford each following years’ costs. Please use this link to download forms to document your finances: Certificate_of_Finances_2014.pdf and How do I demonstrate financials for an I-20?

All students getting an F-1 visa must also pay the SEVIS 901 fee.  Students must pay this themselves prior to their visa application and interview - for more information click this link. Remember to attach your I-901 receipt to your I-20 before your interview.

Program Costs

English Language Institute (ELI)

The ELI has sessions of varying lengths, from a minimum of 4 weeks, to a full academic year plus summer.  Estimated cost for a full academic year, including housing is $25,000.  Applicants must show a minimum of $15,000 to support a semester of study. 

Undergraduate Programs

All undergraduate programs follow a two-semester academic year and require full-time enrollment for visa issuance.  All scholarships are based on 48-month degree completion.  Students are responsible for documenting finances in excess of their scholarships for one academic year inclusive of living expenses. First year students are required to live on campus.  Please note: The required TOEFL score for undergraduate admission is 80 IBT or 550 on the paper-based test. There is conditional admission available for lower scores.

2013-2014 costs are as follows:
$34,020.00 = Full-time tuition
$14,335.00 = Room and Board
$1,345.00 = Comprehensive Fees
$1,650.00 = 12 months of Int'l Health Insurance (mandatory)
$1,260.00 = books and local travel
$52,610.00 must be documented for F-1 visa


Graduate Programs

Graduates must show they have finances for the entire length of their program. Please be advised that there is no campus housing available for any graduate program.

Graduate and Professional Studies

All of Manhattanville's modular graduate programs require full-time enrollment for visa issuance, which is two courses per module at six (6) credits each and four modules per year, no breaks other than institutional holidays.  The program is completed in 18 months. Please Note: TOEFL requirement for graduate admission is 85 IBT or 600 on the paper-based test.

2013-2014 costs are as follows
$32,220.00 = Tuition 36 credits @ $895 per credit
$18,000.00 = Living Expenses $1000 per month (does not include summer)
$50,220.00 must be documented for F-1 visa
Note: Leadership & Strategic Management Program is 39 credits

School of Education

All of Manhattanville's semester-based graduate programs require full-time enrollment for visa issuance, which is nine (9) credits per semester, summers are not mandatory but can accelerate graduation.  The program must be completed in two years.  The majority of the programs are 36 credits, some as many as 47. 

2013-2014 costs are as follows
$32,220.00 = Tuition 36 credits @ $895 per credit
$18,000.00 = Living Expenses $1000 per month (does not include summer)
$50,220.00 must be documented for F-1 visa 

If a sponsor is providing housing, then additional documents (cash support & housing) need to be completed and notarized.  Living expenses will be then reduced to $500 @ 18 months = $9000

We Advise Change Of Status Through Travel To Home Country Only

Things to consider

Undergraduate Payment Plan

Manhattanville has a tuition payment plan with Tuition Management Systems.  For $50 you can break your annual fees into 10 monthly payments with no interest.  Additional fees for credit card payments - none if auto payments are from a US account.

Wiring Funds to Campus 

Bank Name:
     Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.,
     375 Park Avenue, New York, NY, USA 10152
Routing Numbers             
     Domestic wire:121000248
     Domestic ACH:121000248
     International wire, Swift code:WFBIUS6S
Account Number:2000013016584
Account Name:
Manhattanville College Operating Account
     2900 Purchase Street, Purchase, NY, USA, 10577 
Reference Information:  Student Name and Student ID#

Things to remember when apply for your visa

An F-1 student visa is a non-immigrant visa. It is important to show how this education will be used in your home country.

  • Having connections to your home country is an important part of the process.
  • Too many relatives already in the US can work against you.
  • Living in the US, and especially in Westchester County, NY, is very expensive. Showing you have enough finances to take care of yourself without working illegally is key.