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Our Mission

The Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS) at Manhattanville College places service to international students and exchange visitors first among its priorities, recognizing these persons as the Office's main constituency. As a primary information resource for international students, this Office seeks ways to effectively communicate and inform students of their rights, responsibilities, and procedures, in accord with institutional and federal mandates.

As a service-oriented office, in addition to providing efficient and immediate access to information, this office facilitates and coordinates activities of international students pertaining to administrative and social adjustment matters.

As the principal administrative officer (also known as the Designated School Officer/DSO  or Responsible Officer/RO under federal law), the director of the Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS) assists the chief officers of the institution by providing reports, analyses, and recommendations required for policy formation. The OISS staff also serves as a policy maker and acts to facilitate and implement institutional policy, providing interpretation and enforcement of policy, as required under 8 CFR 214 and 22 CFR 62 federal regulations.

This office provides data for internal and external reporting, assists schools and departments by furnishing needed data and other services, assists the faculty whenever possible, and renders services to the alumni of the College.