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Our Ethic

The values described herein are intended to guide the work behaviors of staff members as they perform assigned tasks. It is not assumed that these values represent or should represent the complete value set of an individual. Also, there is no attempt to intrude on anyone's moral or religious orientation. Service excellence in the Office of International Student & Scholars will be measured by how well each employee performs in accordance with these values.  Together, these values are this Office's service ethic. (Also see NAFSA: Association of International Educators Code of Ethics)

Students are our number one priority

Although we are committed to serving the management and the administration of the College, we believe that by placing the students' interests first, we are also serving the College's interests. We accept the dual role of student advocate and administrative expediter to College departments, and of agent for the College to enforce established policies and procedures and monitoring their compliance. Quality service to students, as represented by the visible execution of the foregoing values, through words and actions, is the raison d’être of each staff member of the Office.

Our Values, we believe in...

  • HONESTY: we believe that by being truthful in our dealings with others--students, colleagues, etc. we exhibit truthfulness, which is essential for healthy relationships and interactions.
  • DELIVERING CORRECT INFORMATION: we acknowledge that we are one of the College's primary resources for information concerning its international students, and it is our obligation to be accurate and thorough in research and dissemination of needed information.
  • THE GOLDEN RULE: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you;" we believe this adage is a proactive charge obligating us to be compassionate and understanding of all we serve.
  • DEVELOPING AND DISPLAYING POSITIVE ATTITUDES: we believe that each of us is obligated to bring forth the best personal characteristics as we provide service to students and others.
  • BEING FAIR: we believe the interests of the College should be carefully compared with those of individual students or groups. We strive for equity but realize that judgment about what is fair is often covered by regulatory statute or sometimes subjective and based upon fallible perceptions. We seek to protect the interests of the students and the important interests of the College, at the same time giving individuals or groups the opportunity to due process and appeal, should exceptions and exemptions be sought.
  • COMPETENCY: we believe that knowing our jobs and doing them well is the first stepping-stone to excellence. This requires us to educate ourselves and to be proficient in current practices and techniques of our profession.
  • COOPERATION AND TEAMWORK: we believe that no one of us is better than all of us, together. Being helpful to co-workers, offering reciprocal assistance whenever possible reinforces the importance of each other as members of the team.
  • CONTINUAL SELF-ASSESSMENT: we believe that we should look for ways to improve ourselves by asking the opinions and views of those we serve or those who have an interest in our work.
  • PRIVACY AND SECURITY: we believe in the confidentiality of information and records in our charge. We believe that information given us is personal and should be protected.
  • CREATIVITY, INNOVATION AND A SENSE OF HUMOR: we believe that each of us should seek new ways to improve our effectiveness and make suggestions to appropriate authorities for implementation. When all else fails, laugh.