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Educational Employment Options

F-1 Employment Options      J-1 Employment Options

F-1 Employment Options

On-Campus Employment

Your F-1 student status permits you to work on campus at the college that issued your I-20 while you are enrolled in a full course of study. Your Manhattanville I-20 is your proof of work eligibility for on-campus employment at Manhattanville. You must maintain F-1 status to be eligible for this employment benefit; maintaining status means that you are a full-time registered student in good academic standing with a valid I-20.  You must come to the OISS before attempting to go to Social Security.

Time Limits:

  • part-time (20 hours per week or less) during your regular full-time semesters.
  • full-time (more than 20 hours per week) between semesters.
  • full-time (more than 20 hours per week) during your annual vacation.

Curricular Practical Training

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is temporary authorization for practical training directly related to your major field of study. Your major field of study is listed on your I-20. "Practical training"  at the undergraduate level can include employment, internship experience (paid or unpaid) that is done for academic credit. CPT is authorized by the OISS office in accordance with the F-1 regulations. You can apply for CPT during the regular academic year (you must remain registered full-time) and during your annual vacation. You must have declared your major and have completed 30 credits to be eligible.

CPT may be part-time (20 hours per week or less) or full-time (more than 20 hours per week). If you accumulate 12 months of full-time CPT authorization, you lose your eligibility for Optional Practical Training (OPT), another type of employment authorization for F-1 students. Part-time CPT and fewer than 12 months of full-time CPT authorization does not affect your OPT eligibility.

Optional Practical Training

Optional Practical Training (OPT) is temporary employment authorization allowing F-1 students the opportunity to gain practical experience in their field of study. OPT is most often awarded upon completion of an academic degree, for a 12-month period. However, you may request pre-completion OPT under certain circumstances.  For details visit the OISS.



J-1 Employment Options

The following employment options are available provided you are in good academic standing and are enrolled in a full course of study except for official school breaks and the annual vacation. You must receive employment authorization in advance by notifying your primary OISS advisor of your job offer (instructions are below). 

On-Campus Employment

  • Employment on the premises of the college Manhattanville, Follett, or Chartwell’s)
  • Employment must total no more than 20 hours per week, except during school breaks and the annual vacation. Your on-campus employment must be authorized in advance. The employment can be authorized up to 12 months at a time. Notify your OISS advisor, who will update your SEVIS record. The SEVIS record update is the authorization.

 Your OISS advisor with the following information:

  • Employer name (contract or letter from employer)
  • Employer address
  • Number of hours per week
  • Employment start and end date
  • Whether or not the employment relates to a scholarship, fellowship, or assistantship, or if it simply occurs on the Manhattanville College campus.

Academic Training

Academic Training is work related to your field of study and may be paid or unpaid. You may be authorized to participate in Academic Training during your studies or commencing not later than 30 days after completion of studies. Employment for Academic Training has an overall limit of 18 months, which includes training both before and after completion of studies. However, the total training period may not exceed the amount of time spent in the full course of study. All Academic Training is counted as full-time, even if employment is on a part-time basis.  You must have a job to apply and Academic Training is continuous – meaning once started it will run the full length.

To apply for Academic Training you must submit to the OISS office the following documents:
1. An offer of employment
2. A written recommendation from your academic advisor
The recommendation from your academic advisor must:

  • State the goals and objectives of the training program
  • Include the name and address (job location) of the employer
  • Include the name of the training supervisor
  • State the number of hours per week and dates of the training
  • Describe how the training relates to your major field of study
  • Explain why it is an integral or critical part of your Exchange Visitor program.

Your OISS advisor will review your application and, if approved, will issue a new DS-2019 that indicates your Academic Training authorization. Please allow one week for processing.