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Every Semester you MUST Check-In!

Whether you traveled outside the u.s. or not. Use the following links to do so. YES, I traveled outside the U.S. or NO, I DID NOT travel (have your passport, I-20 and I-94 handy). Manhattanville is required to report your attendance to the USCIS. Not participating is not an option. You will have difficulties the next time you enter the U.S.

Travel SignaturesTravel signature

If you are planning to leave the country for a vacation, please see the OISS for a travel signature on your I-20. This applies to all F-1 students: ELI, undergraduate and graduates. Don't wait until the last minute; plan ahead a few weeks. Without a valid signature, re-entry to the United States may be difficult and require time-consuming and expensive paperwork.

Travel to/from Airports

We have a discount shuttle service that comes directly to campus. It drops-off and picks-up in front of Spellman Hall. To make a reservation or prepay your travel with the shuttle, use the link below. Please be advised that the shuttle only goes to JFK and LGA. If you are flying to EWR you must make different arrangements. Also for those traveling from our local HPN, the #12 public bus stop both there and our campus. AIRPORT SHUTTLE

Payment Plan

Manhattanville has a tutition payment plan with Tuition Management Systems . For $50 you can take your annual fees and break them up to 10 monthly payments with no interest. Additional fees for credit card payments - none if auto payments are from a US account.

Wiring Payments to the College

Wells Fargo, 50 Main St, White Plains , NY 10606
Routing ACH# 026012881
Domestic Wire ABA# 031201467
International wires , Swift Code :PNBPUS33
Account # 2000013016584
Beneficiary:Manhattanville College Operating Account
Reference Information: Student Name and Student ID#

Health Insurance

Manhattanville requires that F-1 international students be covered by a health insurance policy. We enroll students in a mandatory plan that is billed directly to you. For more information see the following links. F-1 students can waive out of this program if they submit comparable U.S. policies.

gtp onelineb Income Tax

All F-1 students in the United States are required to submit income tax forms to the U.S. government, even if no money has been earned. The OISS purchases "GLACIER Tax Preparation Software" that you may use in order to comply with this regulation. Watch for our emails and then follow the instructions. Tax day is April 15. GLACIER only prepares Federal Taxes, student are also repsonsible for NYS taxes too. For more information about your responsibilities see the IRS SITE

Employment for F-1 Students

During your first two years as an undergraduate (or while in the ELI program), F-1 students may find employment on campus only. Employment is limited to 20 hours per week (up to 40 during vacation periods). After you have obtained a campus job (Career Development has listings, but word of mouth is sometimes better), come to the OISS for authorization to apply for a social security card. We will authorize your I-20 and give you a letter as well as directions and application instructions. After you receive your card from the government, the number is yours forever. SSA: INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS and SOCIAL SECURITY

Undergraduate students who have completed their sophomore year (earned 60+ credits) are eligible to find a paid, off-campus, credit-bearing internship in their field of study.

There are two different types of employment options available to undergraduate F1 students, SEE CPT & OPT EXPLAINED Graduate students should see the OISS for guidance in employment options.

Driving in the U.S.driving

International Drivers Permits are only issued outside of the U.S. If you decide to get a NY State drivers license it will only be issued the length of your I-20. Important links Foreign Visitors Driving in the US and Drivers from Other Nations (NYS Drivers License info)

Visa Renewal Information

F-1 visas can only be renewed outside of the U.S. Your visa can expire as long as you have an active I-20 and attending classes, it only means you will have to renew the next time your go home. Come to the OISS for a more detailed explanation.