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Prospective Students

Welcome to Disability Services at Manhattanville College. Transition from High School to College includes a great deal of change and adjustment for any student. For students with disabilities, that transition can include additional challenges. It is important to be sure that the college you choose to attend is able to meet your needs. The Office of Disability Services at Manhattanville welcome calls, visits and inquiries by any prospective student with a disability.

There are many differences in the supports provided in special education and the accommodations provided in college, some of which are outlined here.

The most important difference is that once in college, reasonable accommodations are student driven. Students must take the initiative to self identify as an individual with a disability, request accommodations, and take advantage of them at the level they feel they need. It is important to develop skills of self awareness and self advocacy to improve the likelihood of success. Be sure to read your disability documentation and understand your disability. Knowing your needs will make it easier to ask for support. Disability Services is available to assist students in developing these skills while at Manhattanville.

Please contact the Director of Disability Services, Gabriella Burd, at (914)323-7127 or to learn more about our services.