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Is there a separate application to the college for students with disabilities?

No.  Students with disabilities should apply to the college as any student would.  If a student would like to disclose a disability in the admissions process, they may do so voluntarily through their personal essay or interview.  Once a student has been accepted and has decided to attend Manhattanville, they should schedule an intake appointment with the Director of Disability Services, Gabriella Burd at (914) 323-7127.  While a student may not officially register with Disability Services until they have been accepted, any prospective student is welcome to call or visit with Disability Services to become informed of our services.  All documentation of disability should be directed to the Office of Disability Services, rather than Admissions.

Do I get the same supports in college that I got on my IEP or 504 Plan in High School?

The IEP and 504 Plans created in K-12 expire once a student graduates from high school.  The Office of Disability Services will develop your list of accommdations  taking into account your input at the intake appointment, the documentation of disability you provide, as well as your history of supports.  In many cases, services are similar to what was received in high school, although students may see a slight reduction in services.  Accommodations are individualized to the students specific areas of need.

Can a parent request accommodations?

No.  All requests for accommodations must be made by the student.  Parents are welcome at intake appointments with the students consent.

Once I have registered with Disability Services, how do my Professors learn of my accommodations?

Each semester, the student must request that accommodation letters be sent to their professors.  Students may choose to have letters sent to all professors, or just some.  Accommodations are student driven and students make the choices regarding the sharing of accommodation information.  Once letters are sent, students are encouraged to speak directly with their professors about their specific needs.

Where can I get academic help?

Manhattanville has several options for academic support.  See our Additional Support Services page for more detail.

Can I be accommodated in the residence halls due to my disability?

If a student requires accommodations in the residence halls, they must complete the Medical Room Request Form and submit it to our Residence Life department. 

I need updated testing for my learning disability.  Where can I go to be evaluated?

Contact our Director of Disability Services, Gabriella Burd, at (914)323-7127 or for referral information.  A list of local providers at a reduced cost is available.