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The Counseling Center is pleased to announce that the following groups are being offered for Spring 2014 and we welcome new members! Specific dates and times to be determined by member's availability and interest. Please call the Counseling Center at extention 5155 for more information about these exciting group opportunities!


Mindfulness Meditation Group with Ayesha Nagra, Ph.D.

This is a 5-week program to help decrease feelings of being stressed and scattered while increasing your ability to create meanin, happiness and intentionality in your life.

My Family is Making Me Nuts! Group with Dena Joseph, Ph.D.

This is an ongoing group for students who feel their family's dysfunction is their biggest problem. This group assists students to better gain insight into how their family dynamics influence their lives and emotional well-being, and learn new ways to be healthy, despite a potentially unhealthy family situation.

Performance Anxiety/Enhancement Group with Glenn Pollack, Psy.D.

This time limited group will help increase your performance whether it be in sports, music, art, dance or even exams! Strategies will be taught to turn your debilitating anxiety into more useful facilitating anxiety. You will learn how to change your thinking to work for you rather than against you! The results will amaze you!

Public Speaking Group with Ayesha Nagra, Ph.D.

This is a 3-session program that will help you develop greater comfort when speaking in public and connect with your audience in an authentic way. Participants must commit to attending all 3 sessions.

Relationship Group with Glenn Pollack, Psy.D.

This time limited group is designed to enhance the quality of your relationships. It will explore your present behaviors and help to develop new strategies to have more satisfying relationships both presently and in the future.

Stress Less Group with Dena Joseph, Ph.D.

This group uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to learn how to better cope with anxiety (such as social anxiety, OCD, test anxiety and generalized anxiety). This group is short-term, structured, and a new skill to copy with anxiety is introduced each week, practiced in group, with a homework task provided.


For more information please click on the flyers below:

Stress Less Group Flyer Spring 2014

My Family is Making Me Nuts! Group Flyer Spring 2014

Mindfulness Meditation Flyer Spring 2014

Public Speaking Group Flyer Spring 2014

Relationship Group Flyer Spring 2014