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Who are the counselors in the Counseling Center?
The Counseling Center is staffed by trained professionals from different mental health disciplines including psychology, psychiatry and social work.

How do I arrange to see a counselor?
Call the Counseling Center at ext. 5155 to set up an appointment, or simply stop by our offices on the ground floor of Founders Hall- if no counselor is available to see you when you walk in, you'll be given the soonest possible appointment.

How much do Counseling Center Services cost?
Services at the Counseling Center are free to all Full-Time Undergraduate students of Manhattanville College.

How long does counseling last?
The length of counseling depends on the needs of the student. Some students need only a few sessions to meet their particular needs, others opt for ongoing treatment that may last through the school year. Your counselor will help you decide what length of time is right for you.

How private will my visits to the Counseling Center be?
What you discuss with your counselor at the Counseling Center is confidential. We can share no information with other parties without your prior informed consent. The only exception to this is in situations where your safety -or that of someone else -is at risk. In such situations our first priority must be to ensure student safety.

Is treatment with medication available through the Counseling Center?
Yes. We have a psychiatrist on staff who can prescribe psychiatric medications for a range of emotional or psychiatric issues, if necessary.

What can I do if I think a friend needs counseling ?
If you are concerned about a friend and are not sure about how to help them, we'd like to help you. Feel free to stop by to talk with one of our counselors -your conversation will be confidential. We'll try to help you figure out how you can talk with your friend about your concerns in away that will be helpful, and how to refer them to the Counseling Center if that seems like the right thing to do.