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Kaylin Kerina '15

: Marketing & Advertising Department Intern at Inspiria Media

Double Major: Marketing & Communications

Preparing for the Internship

Prior to the interview I had researched Inspiria Media using their website. During the interview I had a lot of questions and knew a great deal about the company. I knew that I wanted a structured program, so I asked about the internship goals and responsibilities. I also wanted more information about the support and guidance that interns receive at the company. I wanted this internship experience to give me the chance to be fully immersed in marketing.

On the Job

On a typical day at my internship I build client lists, research potential clients and assist with social media. I also work on brand image and sit in on conference calls & meeting. My bosses always encourage me to participate so I don't feel like just an intern, I really feel like part of the staff.

Intern more than once!

Last summer I interned at I really liked fashion and wanted to be a fashion blogger. At this internship I saw the struggle of the fashion world and how hard it can be on your confidence. It can be difficult to stay relevant in the fashion world and I soon realized that this industry was not for me. This experience also helped me get an idea of what I was looking for in my next internship and gave me interview experience.

Favorite Experience

I went to a Social Media/Marketing Conference at Rye Country Club hosted by JP Morgan Chase. The author of "Socialnomics" was there and gave a presentation on how your online presence impacts your business and your overall brand. This conference expanded my knowledge base on current marketing tools and how to use them effectively. I also learned how to make a voice for myself online.

What I learned

I learned how to give killer presentations! I also learned how to create marketing kits, and learned a ton about customer engagement and client relations. Personally I learned how to effectively carry all of the skills from my past experiences over to every part of my life, to take more risks and I learned that I am not afraid to take on more responsibility.


Be curious. Apply for an internship that sounds interesting – it is important to try new things to see if you like them. I started out interested in fashion and if I hadn't gotten an internship I would have stayed on that path and I don't think I would have liked it.