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Pritha Rajouria ‘14

Major: Economics  
Minor: Political Science
Co-founder: Model UN Club
Member: Business Investment Club
Internship: Summer Branch Analyst- Morgan Stanley Wealth Management 

Finding the Internship
I knew I wanted to get an internship and when I got an email from the CCD about a summer internship at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management I applied immediately. I made an appointment with the CCD to go over my resume and after I applied I was invited to the on campus interview.

Getting Ready for the Interview
I wanted to be prepared so I made an appointment with Lyn in the CCD to practice my interviewing skills. I practiced with family and friends and pretty much anyone that would practice with me. I also went to the company’s newsroom to learn more about them.  I am glad I did, my interview felt more like a conversation. We talked a lot about what I could do for Morgan Stanley based on what I knew about the company.

On the Job
I worked with both the wealth management and the business side. This was a good opportunity because I was able to see how managers worked with their team and how the team worked with their clients. 

What I learned
Wealth Management is a people focused business.  It is about forming relationships and getting to know clients on a personal level. I had a great supervisor who was supportive and interested in teaching me. Because I showed so much interest she taught me how to interact with clients. I learned that clients look for Financial Advisors who can put themselves in the client’s shoes. Wealth Management is all about trust which is what Morgan Stanley has built a reputation on.  

Long Term Goal
My long term goal is to work in the finance industry.

Favorite Experience
I had the chance to assist one of the Financial Advisors for a project she was working on with Ann Taylor in New York City.