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Elizabeth Borgatti '13

: Studio Art
Minor: Art History
Internship: Design Intern at Archie Comics Division: Sonic & Mega Man

Finding the Internship
Timing really is everything; I think I was just in the right place at the right time. I had a connection within Archie Comics and when I reached out to him about an internship, a search was already in progress. I submitted my resume and received a phone call two days later to set up an interview.

The Internship
I worked directly with the Editor and the Assistant Editor of Sonic and Mega Man. Most of my job involved graphic design production which required putting pages of a book together by collecting images from digital files using a template. I also designed and put together covers, title pages and table of content pages using graphics from the interior pages of the book.

Fine Artist to Graphic Designer - the Switch
When I first got to Manhattanville I was interested in illustration because I figured there would be more career options. I thought I would be able to work in books, magazines, basically a variety of industries. I had never done computer graphics because I was so rooted in drawing and painting however, after taking computer graphics classes I found that I had a knack for it.

Why Intern?
I prefer structure and I also wanted a client experience. As I mentioned above, I had to switch gears from being a fine artist and making art for myself to working for someone else and making commercial art. It was a great experience! I never thought that I would enjoy my internship as much as I did.

What I learned
I wanted an internship as a stepping stone for a job because I was nervous about getting hired as an artist. Throughout my internship I have learned more about graphic design tools and gained a greater knolwedge of Photoshop and InDesign. I also realized that I really enjoy making comic books.

Networking Is Important!
I have attended comic book conventions in the past, however when I attend them now I approach them in a different way. I used to go and not really speak to anyone, but now I realize that networking is important and I am aware that I need to make connections within my field. I recently had a great discussion with another artist during a convention and we keep in touch.