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Marina Adese '13

Summer Intern, The Rachel Maddow Show
(Airs live on MSNBC)

Double Major: Communications & International Studies

How I Found My Internship
I took Journalism I with Jeff Pearlman and had also worked with him at Touchstone Magazine 
where I was editor-in-chief. For a class project I wrote a profile on someone that works for the Rachel Maddow Show. Jeff knew the person I profiled and contacted him to see about a possible internship for me there. Before forwarding my resume, I went to the CCD to have a counselor review my resume.

My Responsibilities
I had to research current events, especially events surrounding American Politics much of which was about the 2012 Presidential campaign. My research needed to be extremely thorough. I would send producers emails with the top stories of the day and continue my research throughout the day. I also had the opportunity to attend daily staff meetings with Rachel. During these meetings we would discuss the top news stories of the day and decide what to include on the show.

One of my favorite tasks included greeting and assisting the guests because I love meeting new and interesting people. I helped with additional aspects of the show as well including researching old footage/quotes, transcribing, the list went on and on.

What I Learned
I learned quite a bit about the business aspect of media and American Politics. I am from Brazil and I have a solid knowledge base of international politics, but this internship provided me with information about American policy making. I also learned how to work with different types of people and personalities. Because it is a live show it is fast paced and the staff was under pressure daily. This internship taught me how to work with a variety of personalities experiencing high levels of stress.

My Career Plans
I am currently looking for media related and communications positions. My ideal career would combine my two main interests, politics and media. However, I am not limiting myself to these areas because the market is tough right now. I am open to whatever the future holds!

The Benefits of My Internship
This internship changed my entire perspective on work, life, what I really love and who I want to be. Every day at my internship I felt like I learned something new about politics, the elections, health care, etc. and I loved every minute of it!!