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Dylan Gonzelez '13

Loud Rock Music Director for WMVL Radio
Major: English
Concentration: Creative Writing
Internship: Editorial Intern for Marvel Entertainment in the X-Men Department

On the Job
My internship was very hands on. I had the opportunity to go through the actual process of editing a book. My responsibilities included placing world bubbles on pages, proofreading pages and checking page continuity. I also wrote recaps at the beginning of new books that summarized old books. In total I worked on approximately 35 books throughout the summer and when the intern in the Heroes Office left I assisted in that department as well.

Finding the Internship
I learned about the internship at a comic book convention that I attended in 2010. I applied in the fall of 2011 and was asked for an interview in the spring of 2012. I was hired for the Summer 2012 Internship Porgram, the process took a while but it was worth it.

Resume/Interview Prep
Before applying I worked with Lyn in Career Services on my cover letter and resume. She also helped me prepare for the interview by brainstorming answers to potential interview questions.

Favorite Experience
Creating and placing the world bubbles on the pages.

Internships are Important
Internships really do help. They give you an understanding of the environment you are getting into. It definitely was not what I thoguht it would be, it was much more caseual, which I liked! It also helped me learn the ins and outs of comic book publishing.

Future Plans
To work for Marvel full time as a writier.

Dylan applied for the Spring 2013 Editorial Intership at Marvel and although they rarely rehire interns he got the internship. Way to go Dylan!