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Casey Farrington '13

Major: Communications
Minor: Management

Why Intern?
I always knew that I wanted to intern as much as possible to help me figure out my career path. After interning at ABC I realized that I didn't want to work behind the camera or in the newsroom. I was glad I did the internship or I never would have been able to rule that out.

Networking is Important!
I am always talking to people and networking whenever possible. My advisor told me about the internship at ABC. He told me to go to the CCD. Once there I spoke with Lyn who was very helpful. She directed me towards Experience, the job/internship database that CCD uses to list internships.

I found my Fox Ad Sales internship at the gym. One day I started chatting with a gentleman on the machine next to me and I mentioned that I was looking for an internship. He turned out to be President of Fox Ad Sales and gave me his email address. The next day I sent my resume to the CCD to look over and then forwarded it on to him. Soon after I was called for an interview and the rest is history!

On the Job
ABC was a lot less structured than FOX and I spent the majority of my time  following my supervisor and reporters, it was pretty fast paced. At FOX I had projects to complete and a schedule to follow. I had the opportunity to shadow all of the different departments that fall under Ad Sales and found that I really wanted to work in Entertainment Ad Sales.

Stay in touch!
It is really important to talk to people and network wherever you are. You never know who you will meet and it has been my experience that people are willing to help when they can. My co-workers at FOX have been really supportive and have given me contacts to use when I look for an internship in the spring.

Don't worry if you haven't chosen your major in your freshman year. It is almost better not to declare one so early. Learn what Manhattanville has to offer in terms of its resources and take general education classes so you can figure out what you are  interested in. Take the time to join clubs, play a sport, volunteer and get involved in campus activities which can go on your resume.

I would also recommend taking a public speaking class if possible, especially for communication majors. I took one and it really helped with my presentation skills. At the end of my internship at Fox I had to do a mock sales pitch for approximately 100 people and I felt prepared.